Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Blog from the fantastic Wendi Zwaduk!!

In my week of new release excitement, today we are being visited by the fantastic Wendi Zwaduk as she dishes a bit about her book, releasing TODAY, Love Remembers!

First I’d like to thank Virg for letting me stop by. Talk about last minute promo blitz! I think we pulled this together pretty well. So thanks! I love being here and can’t wait to read her latest release, too!

For the post today, I thought I’d post a fun picture of a Greek Statue. This one is called the Barberini Sleeping Faun. He’s also known as the Drunken Satyr. Drunk on wine or that post sex-haze, doesn’t matter. He’s happy and sleepy. The reason I picked this particular work is that it illustrates just how kinky (albeit in a bit more reserved fashion) nature of many pieces of Greek Art. Penises show up everywhere in Ancient Greek Artwork. Does it bother me? Not in the least. Heck, I write about penises for a living. But imagine them being so commonplace that BUILDINGS feature penises. Shocking.

I also included this image because it brings to mind scenes from Love Remembers. Here’s a little snippet from the book. You tell me what you think.

As he sat on the edge of the bed, Aspasia stared at him with wide eyes. What went through her mind? He had hoped she would admit her love for him when she agreed to be his bride. No matter. Twelve years of mistreatment would not be overcome in a matter of days. He felt her passion in her kiss. The words would come.

He smoothed his hand over her jaw and lowered his lips to hers. The taste of sweet honey cake lingered on her tongue. The scent of her jasmine perfume filled his nostrils. As he pushed the kiss further, he swallowed her moan as he caressed her breast. Her nipple drew into a tight bud beneath his palm. Ah, he affected her as deeply as she affected him.

“Allow your fantasies to run wild, Aspasia. However you wish to explore, I am yours. Take me.”

Through a heavy-lidded gaze, she watched him. “I want to taste you now that you are my husband.” Her husky voice resonated in his brain. A new surge of desire kicked through him and focused in his groin when he stood. His cock jutted towards her as he tugged the tunic up over his head and tossed it onto the floor. Yes, he wanted to feel her mouth pleasure him, but he needed to feel her sweet body surrounding him.

Aspasia scooted towards him and placed kisses along his chest, trailing them down his abdomen to his belly button. Her tongue swirled in the small divot as she wrapped her fingers around his length.

He jerked forward as she rubbed the crown of his cock against her silky soft lips. He groaned and allowed his mind to drift as he succumbed to the heady sensations of her taking control. If she kept up the sensual torture, he would never be able to withhold his orgasm. He fisted his hands at his sides to keep from grabbing her and forcing her to take more of him. She needed to go at her own pace. When she took him deep within her mouth, he shuddered.

“Gods, yes.”


If he wants to keep Aspasia once he finds her, Gregorius will need to prove that his Love Remembers.

A veteran of the war in Koroneia, Gregorius wants only one woman for his bed. She made his heart sing the moment he first saw her in the markets, and for the past seven years he’s hunted far and wide for her. Once he finds her, he’ll prove his love never forgot her.

Aspasia isn’t the mirthful girl from the markets any longer. Circumstances beyond her control forced her into service to Gregorius’ bitterest enemy. When she at last finds herself in Gregorius’ arms, can she let go of the past in order to have the future she deserves? Only if love remembers...

Reader Advisory: This book contains a hero bent on finding his first love and a heroine determined to let him have his wicked the garden, on the benches, in the olive grove...


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  1. sounds like a great book, wendi! hope you're having a fabulous book launch party...

  2. Thanks Helen!!!

    Thanks Nora. I am having a great book launch. :-) Thanks both of you for coming by!