Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleep with the fishes...

I guess it is a common thing for writers because I have noticed most of them online.

Insomnia is defined as difficulties initiating and/or maintaining sleep, or nonrestorative sleep, associated with impairments of daytime functioning or marked distress for more than 1 month.

Since I am going on about thirty three years of random spurts of insomnia... I will go with I have it.

The thing with insomnia is that it rarely affects how I feel the next day. I am wide awake and then eventually I sleep and then when I get up I am up again. I think it started when I was a kid because I was afraid I would miss something. Now, as an adult, I would love to miss something. Catch me up later. Let me roam off to the world of dreams where anything is possible. Where my stories have a shot of coming to life for a moment...

But biology or maybe physiology or some other logy keeps me from sawing loggies with irksome regularity.

I mean, it is great because it increases my productivity by a few hours... but then again, I don't trust anything I do after a certain hour. So I reread it and double check that it wasn't complete garbage before I can use it.

This I do out of paranoia. So far, regardless of the hour, the writing seems pretty much the same. Ditto for edits. But there is always this chance that when tired, I will do something stupid... Make some error that my wide awake mind would have caught...

Do you ever have this problem?

Oh, and if you try to go to sleep, you end up lying in bed, eyes closed, pretending to sleep as if someone is going to come catch you faking it. Like the sleep police are going to come banging on the bedroom door and spirit you away for the travesty of sleep you were committing.

Actually, to be honest, if I do fall asleep, I am one of those people who will jump up, bleary eyed and tongue tied, and try to convince you I wasn't sleeping at all. Usually as I wipe the drool off my chin.

So probably I have some sleep issues.


I refuse to take any of the meds so readily available now to 'treat' this condition. My feelings on this, and don't judge me because I know others feel differently hence prefacing it with MY feelings, are that if my body really needed the sleep, it would go to sleep. Since I am not falling asleep...

The body must not be that tired.

I am probably wrong.

But logic and insomnia are not compatible.

Sweet dreams and alert 3ams...

PS... Look, I drew you a picture!


  1. Back before I started writing and then had children, I played Sims 2. I LOVED Sims 2. I miss them now.

    Some guy created a hack with a painting you could buy for your Sim's house. All your Sim had to do was look at the painting and they were instantly clean, caught up on sleep and didn't need to eat. You could effectively keep your Sim going 24/7 without sleep, food, piss breaks or showers.

    I want that painting for MY HOUSE.

    Unlike you, I don't get those extra sleepless hours as productive ones. They are the hours when I can't find my own ass, nevermind focus enough to write. I'm one of those damned zombie insomniacs.

  2. Oh... when you find that painting, let me know. I want one too!