Monday, November 22, 2010

Chaos is my mistress

Today was supposed to be fairly mellow.

What I mean by that was that I wasn't triple booked.

Woke up to the Ghostbusters theme song and Justice shrieking at me that she must have missed the bus and why didn't I wake her up and what was she going to doooooo?

Clutching a pillow over my head, I mumbled out that she wasn't going right away. She had an appointment with Doc Pirate.

When she took my pillow away and I stared up at her with bloodshot eyes she shrieked that if I simply let her know what the plans were, we could avoid this kind of thing.


"What did you say, mom?" Again with the shriek.

"Coffee. Or death. Pick one."

Sighing dramatically, she stomped to the kitchen to hit the button on the pot.

Burying my face again, I advised her to wake up her brother.

Next thing I knew, a hundred pounds of DJ landed on my back. "OOooOOf!"

"Good morning, Mom!"


"What did you say, Mom? I can't hear you with that pillow on your head."

So, up I got. Clicking away on my cell, I got hit with morning hugs from Ash which nearly burst my bladder as he is bladder height. Patting him absentmindedly, I mentioned, "Clothes."

"You want me to get dressed?"


"How come you can't talk in full sentences before coffee?" He chirped it and smiled up at me. I scowled darkly back at him.

Within a half an hour, I had mainlined enough coffee to make full sentences, since apparently that is required or some crap. I shuffled David out the door and the rest of us loaded into car. Kicked out Cat as he acts like he can't see the parrots... but I know he does.

Off to Michelle's. Short visit to Ashton's and my day on the computer. Off to Doc Pirate.

Discussed Justice. Dropped off Justice.

Live Lesson Ashton.

Back to Michelle's.

Grabbing coffee I remembered I hadn't gone to the store.


Well, on the upside, I have a brand new WIP and no name for it.


Off to hide under another pillow...

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