Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say odd things...

Last night, I was sitting at my best friends house and she was grading papers and I was reading a review book that had my eyes crossed and the kids were dispersed around the house. The two girls, I believe, were laughing uproariously in JFAB's room and David was playing Angry Birds (BTW whoever invented that cell phone app game, I LOVE YOU. Not only does it occupy my fingers when I am brain dead but my sons are addicted... explosive birds... Good Times.) and Ashton was on his computer, supposedly working on school.

Since both Shell and I are up to our eyeballs in alligators just now, she glanced at me from her recliner to mumble, "You should go make the dinner."

Before I had a chance to snark back how much better she is at cooking (Which she is, really. It is not only my abject laziness that leads me to say that...), Ashton piped up, "But my mom can't cook."

Which sent Michelle and I into gales of laughter. Well, I have one of them convinced.

(Side note: I did have to make dinner. *sigh* I made alfrado from scratch. Shrimp. It was good but it would have been better if I hadn't had to cook it.)

It made me think of the funny things my kiddos say on an everyday basis.

Justice often advises me that she doesn't have to be anything when she grows up but a wife. Her husband will support her. Only ugly women have to work.

I find that hilarious. Especially since she is a walking talking mini me looking thing at that age.

I usually advise her that a backup plan would be good and also... good luck with your thighs.

Then I pass her the Doritos.

They contain corn. Health food. (You know you think that, too.)

So David is my suck up. Whatever everyone else says that is mean, my little diplomat has a quick reply. I am so hoping he goes into politics. Vote for Dave.

For instance.... Ashton asks me, "Mom, could you buy us more Bakugon?"

Me, "Christmas is coming. Ask Santa."

Ash, "But you are the mom. You are supposed to buy us stuff we need. That is why you go to work."

Me, "Our definitions of NEED are apparently not the same. You need food. You need housing. You need clothes. You need to have a safe place to run. You do not need toys. You have toys."

Ash, "Not any good toys! I need Bakugon."

Me, "Ashtooon--"

David interrupts, swinging an arm around his brother, " Mom needs to not have a headache because you are bugging her. Just listen to her. She takes good care of us."

Ashton rolls eyes and walks away.

David, "But if you want to get me Bakugon, I will take good care of them. I won't bother you with it or hound you, but I figured I am such a good kid that you might want to know what I want. Just trying to help..."

He looks at me hopefully and I smile. "Thanks, Dave."

David, "No problem, Mom. I am here for you."



P.S. Yes, David got Bakugon. Admit it. You would have bought them for him too...

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