Friday, November 12, 2010

A blog about Blogs...

My best friend shakes her head when I discuss my blog. She is a very busy teacher creature and, to paraphrase, doesn't understand how people have time to read all that stuff.

I have been addicted to blogs and blogging from the moment I discovered the medium.
Since I am a writer, I guess this isn't too surprising. Writers in days of yore were known for their correspondence to family and friends and the mass of said correspondence. Today, we have blogs.

The blogs I follow are an odd mish-mash of things. Some are obvious. For instance, I follow the Sapphire Blue Blogs and the blogs of the authors of Sapphire Blue. Since I write for SBP this is an obvious. However I read it because the women who write on this blog are genuinely funny and real and I like their writing. From Lisa Pietsch to KF Zuzulo... Heather Long... ah, you guys. And as they add authors... I keep getting addicted to more blogs... So much good stuff.

I also read Nathan Bransford's blog pretty religiously. Since he was *tear* a literary agent, this was probably not surprising. However although I read Kristen Nelson's blog because she is an agent, I read Nathan because he was very real... very inspiring and for the same reason, he stays on my blog list today even without the title of agent *another tear.*

I follow world famous authors I love. For instance I don't know what I would do without my update on how the rose garden is doing or how the hellhounds are or the most recent escapades at bell ringing that I expect to find at Robin McKinley's blog. If you are a fan of her, which I am, or in general like women who say what they think when they think it... her blog is amazing. I also know a lot about Laurell K. Hamilton. Birdwatcher. I know, she writes blood, sex and mayhem but did you know she loves birds and has a handy set of binoculars for this purpose by her writing desk? It is all in the blogs.

Another author I love I found because of QueryTracker. I will probably do a blog at some point just on the wonders of QueryTracker and how I used it and still use it religiously. However, Elana Johnson is funny and inspiring and altogether very real with her love of bacon in her blog and facebook. And if you haven't picked up Possession yet... You are very behind on your reading.

I read a bunch of paranormal/romance author/reviewer blogs. SmartBitchesTrashyBooks is awesome. Also have to get my dose of Paranormal Romantics. But not everything I read has something to do with the writing world.

Anna Seckman and I went to school together. Her blogs leave me in stitches... literally. Currently she runs one of the best shops on Etsy and this lady is going to be so brilliantly famous I am never sure when I turn on Martha Stewart if she will be sitting there smiling back at me getting interviewed. Aside from being a clever creator of all that is crafty, she is funny as hell. Her perpetual battles in office land ring familiar to my beige and khaki day job ears and her adventures in motherhood are touching.

Oh, another non literary blog that I recently became addicted to was TrickyDame's MPL (Magic Passion Love) art tour blog. This lady is traveling the country and manifesting art and spiritual awakening as she journeys. I think it must be truly fascinating to just pop off to where ever the wind blows you each morning and her bravery and daring truly are something special to read.

What blogs do you follow and why do they fascinate you enough to get a minute of your busy day?

Oh, and the picture is my mask. I picked him up at a rummage sale because he was so darned cute. And for links to these blogs and more, hit me up on facebook :)


  1. Aww shit, man, you just made me get all teary! Those are very kind words - and I, too, love reading your blog!

  2. lol! I find yours vastly amusing and I gotta get me a mugrug... and a kindle case...
    I am tempted to do a things that are full of suck blog in your honor. :D