Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two NaNo ~ A kid at heart

A writing I have been but the numbers just aren't as outstanding as on my adult works. I have noticed that when I write YA, it always is a slower go as it requires both more for me to stay in the head of the character and more editing how I speak. Adult books are written in the format I think in... a kid doesn't think like that.

Also, they tend to require more research because although I read a lot of YA (McKinley, Pearce, Cast, etc), I read waaaaay more adult. I even read and write erotica. Since I don't live erotica nor do I live YA, it is a darn good thing I write fiction. (Although the Zombie Survival Guide for some reason is categorized as non-fiction children's... a thought that boggles the mind.) But I have a harder time, as I said, even with reading and once being a young adult, writing it.

Where is the line in the sand that says you are saying something a kid wouldn't? Where is the line that crosses between too much slang dialogue and enough to be realistic kid speak?

There isn't one. So it takes time.

Picking this for nano was challenging myself to up the pace.

Word vomit in Converse.

It is an interesting challenge so far.

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