Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's HUGE!!

I am probably not alone in this either. Sometimes... Okay, a lot... Tasks come along and I look at them and think to myself,

"I can't do this!!! This is tooooo MUCH!! Why did I think I could??? This is an ImPoSsIbLe TASK!!! AH, the foolishness and arrogance of ME!!!"

And then I force myself to grit my teeth and begin the project. At least for the first little while, I am still berating myself...

"You Foool!! Now look what you have done!! I knew nothing good could come of this!!!!"

And then I get it done. And I am left blinking. I did it!! I knew I could. Why did I blow this out of proportion to begin with? That was simple! It's not like I was trying brain surgery or rocket science. Why did I freak out?

And then I do the same thing five minutes later.

Query letters and synopsis are great triggers for this method of thinking. I have been known to put myself through more edits in an attempt to avoid the dreaded query/synopsis.

And then I write them and wonder why I freaked out.

But I still... STILL do it every single time.

Do you have anything that you blow out of proportion or panic over that you are capable of?

Off to edit.


  1. Only everything I ever do. I am my own worst enemy.

  2. Wow... switching fonts back and forth really confused blogger... lol.

    And I know what you mean, Lisa. That is exactly my prob.