Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sneak Peek! Hypnotized ~ Adult Only

Sneak Peek- adults only- Hypnotized
Coming soon from Virginia Nelson

My internal ranting came to an abrupt halt when I entered the room hung in velvets and sparkle. It was such a jarring difference from the modern fa├žade, the elegant waiting room, that it had me dropping my phone.

Scrabbling to pick it up, a pair of shining black shoes came into view.

Following the line of leg up, I took in dark jeans that hugged legs that looked firm and tempted me to reach out and touch. Spending too long considering his package, I wondered if he was really that endowed or if he was padding his… er… bits.

Face flushed with embarrassment, I forced myself to shoot the rest of the way up, almost toppling on my stylish, if knockoff, heels.

And I only came to his chest.

A fine chest it was, too, with shoulders at least twice as broad as my own holding up arms as thick as my thighs.

Again, worried to be caught ogling some strange man, I tilted my head back to look him in the eyes.

And I was mesmerized. He had probably the most fascinating face I had ever seen—strong, male, dusted with hair that no razor could ever fully tame. The eyes that met my own were a striking grey—almost metallic— and all of it was framed with curling black hair.


Clearing my throat, and wishing that I could clear my blush as easily, I tried for a smile.

It probably came out a little sickly around the edges. My pulse was pounding and liquid heat had turned my body into a keg of lust that was primed to ignite.

Happy Writing!!


  1. Love it, Since I am a fan of "ogling" man bits!!! Cant wait to read it.

  2. Thanks! She does more than ogle them... #spoilers