Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heather Brewer-- Pick me!!

As you guys may know (if you follow me over at facebook), my daughter is a HUGE Heather Brewer fan. Some might even call her a member of the minion horde.

Being an author, reviewer, book blogger and *ahem* sort of a fan myself, we were excited to read that Auntie Heather (as the minion horde is fond of calling her) will be giving away an ARC of Soulbound to some book blogger out there.


So, just wanted to drop a blog and let Ms. Brewer know that she would be most welcome in the land of Odd Stuff. And this is that blog.

*wiggles fingers at Heather Brewer*

If you don't understand our deep and overwhelming love of all things Brewer, then you should probably get your tooshie over to her blog/website here. Or maybe just pick up one of the NYTimes Bestselling Vladimir Todd books here. Y'know... so you can understand the coolness.

Or even, preorder Soulbound once it becomes available (it comes out in July.) Cuz that would be cool as well. :)

Happy writing!

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  1. Oh, and other fans of Ms. Brewer... Uh, there is word that I can GIVEAWAY the copy I win. Just thought I would mention that. Cuz... Y'know... Some of you MAY be interested if I happen to be the one picked. No guarantees or anything but...Yes, possibly of interest to you.