Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Muse stands for...

So a few days ago I posted that I did not know what M.U.S.E. stood for although one would think I would remember something like that. I was half hoping my blog would cause a spate of comments from my writing group that would alert me to what the acronym meant.

Not so much.

But then H.C. was kind enough to do a blog of her own with her musings on the writing group and lo and behold she titled it "M.U.S.E aka Most Under-appreciated Super Egos."

I believe, based on that, perhaps that was the name of our writing group. I like it.

I really should sleep more before these things so I can remember important bits like that.

Also, I have noticed that I still do not have my writing assignment. This is not a good sign as it means someone else does not have theirs. It would be on my harddrive.

Bad author.

*smacks own wrist*

In other events Ashton said he needed me. I know, sort of random. But my kids don't often say really sweet things. He was nearly sleepy and looked at me and cuddled up and said, "I need you mom."

I melted.

David has been saving a tooth he lost for two weeks. He is doing this because one night (one I was sure that the tooth fairy had a debit card and assortment of credit cards but no cash) I mentioned that if we hid the tooth and the tooth fairy could not find it that it would be worth more money the next night.

The next night, when we left the tooth someplace that even a tooth fairy would be sure not to miss it, he got more money than the average tooth.

So now he has one that he has calculated to be worth at least $20.

The tooth fairy is going to be pissed.


Creativity is excellent in writing. In child rearing it is a double edged sword. One must be careful the fairy tales one spins. They spin back and bite you in the ass.

Justice is not failing any classes, obsessing over any boys or otherwise doing any serious damage to anything. It has been a very good week. Now if I could teach her hygiene... But perhaps as she is tall, blond and blue-eyed the lack of that will keep the boys away so maybe I am on to something there, too. Note to self: do not remind her to shower, apply deodorant or brush her teeth. Excellent birth control and cheap.

Parenting a la Virg.

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