Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Webpage

So there is now a webpage for me too.


Feel free to check it out because it is super cool and will be super cooler when I add more pictures and stuff. Today I just created it so more to come, more to come.

There is also a nifty forum option on there and I am going to play with that once I get some traffic going that way.

In other literary news, I will be participating in a chat tonight on Coffee Time Romance, 9pm central time if you have a mo to stop by and join in the festivities.

In kid news... I went to school today. I lunched with the youngest of my brood and watched him scarf a hot pocket while sputtering about inviting kids to our table. Apparently it is a big deal to have a parent to lunch, as I have seen in the past, and they get to sit at the round tables and invite their friends over. Ash, I have learned from this, has way more friends and in both sexes than Justice.

I then was conned into buying both school fudge and Reese's fudge. For a mere three bucks a pop I had two frozen squares of fudge. I gleefully waited them thawing and went to Ashton's class to help out. Once there I got to play Cir-kus which is a game of making circles and triangles with a count-by-fives scoring method.

I learned from this that the "kid of the day" apparently does not speak at all. The poor thing only smiled, nodded and gave the occasional hand gesture.

It was fun and Ash had a ball.

So off I went to continue to await the thawing of my fudges. I spoke briefly to my mom and my exhusband and then decided that mostly soft was good enough.

I dug into school fudge first. It sounded smart. "School" fudge. It was a giant square of frozen no bake cookie.

It was not fudge at all.

I am still sort of bitter about this.

Not stopping in my search for fudge, I dug into the Reese's with a hopeful spoon.

It was good. It was fudge. It was peanut-buttery-goodness-covered in chocolate fudge.

Okay, the school redeemed itself but still bitter about the misnamed school fudge. If it is a giant square of no bake cookie then call it that so I know what I am buying.

Like Smarties... you can eat them all day and still feel dumb. But your tongue sort of sticks to the roof of your mouth so that is cool anyway.

Okay, enough with the random ranting. I shall silently sip my milk now and wait for time for my chat while eating fudge...

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