Sunday, January 24, 2010

News, News, News

So... Here I sit. There is a football game on the old boob tube (who came up with that phrase? I know so many men who would love one shaped like that but you NEVER see one. It would be a bestseller. Note to self: Buy patent. ) and I do not know where my earbuds are so I am stuck listening to it and it is doing very bad things to my writing juju.

If this blog is less intellectual than the average, don't hold it against me due to that.

Who just snorted?

Anywhosenheimer, tomorrow is the big day and Odd Stuff will be out for your reading pleasure. Finally you can all join Janie on her great first adventure...

*evil grin*

*happy dance*

In other, non-literary news... things with the kids are on the upswing. The chaotic events of last week (which could not possibly have had a worse drop date timeline wise) have ironed themselves out (okay, I ironed them out with a bus and a shovel and other heavy work... but we can make it sound easy on paper!) and hopefully we will see things getting better for the shortest member of the family. If not, he will be grounded until graduation. One or the other. Either will work.

Some man just swam through a wheat field on a Subway commercial on TV. One would think that would chafe. Just sayin.

We had the biweekly meeting of the writers group on Saturday Night. I think our name is M.U.S.E. but I don't remember what the acronym stood for. I was kind of punch drunk tired at that point and they were plying me with wine. Okay, I can't blame it on the wine, but it was worth a shot. I liked the wine. I had no sleep going into that meeting and I was doing the galley on Odd that night as well as the meeting so bits are blurry. Like what our name means. But I remember I liked it. I also remember all about the prompt game.

Regarding that... The post apocalyptic story I had been given was named by me Zombie Revolution (which I thought was a fantastic name for a zombie book.) ZR had started out with a very nice, very scary kind of fun feel. I turned that feel into a prologue and started chapter one with my writing. I decided that the guy was incorrect in his assumptions. He realizes the zombies do not want to eat brains or people. Why would they? They are, however, killed because they are as contagious as the mouth of a gila monster due to their states of decomposition and dangerous because they are dumb and that is why they are killed on sight. A new spin...

The other post apocalyptic story with Bob went a kinky way that all of us... were somewhat icked out by. I cannot wait. I get my greedy paws on that one this week and I sooo-o know where it is going next.

My story went to a teddy bear... I cannot even explain in words. I can say Jeff is brilliant at spinning a story in an unexpected direction.

And H. C. spun Spence's story from a funny romantic comedy into a paranormal in a few short pages.

Altogether the prompt project has been a fun way to challenge the muse's and I am loving the way it is coming out. It has also, still, been lovely to discuss our other projects and have feedback.

They have been very patient with me while I have been buried under the last minute Odd Stuff and work stuff. Thanks guys!!

Okay, that is all the news I can think of now and Michelle has spaghetti with my name on it... I am off to twirl some noodles.

See ya tomorrow :)


  1. Congrats on your book being so close!!! Looking forward to it! Hope you enjoy the spaghetti!

  2. Wtg. M.U.S.E stands for Most Unappreciated Super Egoes. lovin the book.