Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exciting week...

I have been in a flurry of activity this week. Third round edits came and went in less than 48 hours for Odd Stuff. In the same time frame a mock-up of my cover came. It is currently my desktop picture and I keep looking at it. I like her eyes.

It could be I like them so much because sleep has become this mysterious thing that I chase but never quite catch up with. I will eventually. I have always said, stealing from some unknown source, "I will sleep when I am dead." At this rate, I will be dead from lack of sleep. Oddly, the day job does not seem to be damaged by my punch-drunk, fuzzy, bleary-eyed view of the world. I thank coffee for this. Starbucks is your friend. They have high-octane stuff, Starbucks. Expensive, but high-octane.

Other than being busy (something I complain about because it secretly makes me happy... I am sick like that), I have been very productive. Some people find chaos counter-productive. I am not in that club. I am in the Yeah-We-Are-Busy-So-Things-Are-Going-Well-So-Do-More-While-They-Still-Are club. There is a very nice mug for this club. And gift cards for Starbucks. We all go there. Yeah. There are meetings. We all stare at each other in between slurps off our coffee and clicking on our laptops and cellphones and simultaneously talking rapidly. Okay, there is no club. But I should start one. And we all will balance kids with all this with the greatest of ease (don't tell my kids I used that phrase... they would snort with derision and then pat me on the head and say, "Well, not ease, but you are ok.")

I have decided I did not have enough going on with just the Odd Stuff series (one going to print Jan 18th (estimated), one submitted and waiting for response, one almost finished) and two other WIP's. This was not enough for me. My muse, apparently, is a workaholic. (Or criminally insane) I am working on a submission for a open-call, too. A-heh-heh-ha. The open call is for a 20-25k story due by 2-1. I started it yesterday. Because, you know, I have all this extra free time... lingering. So I had to fill it with something... or really, if you want to be honest it was because I saw the guidelines and went-- Oh-Oh-Oh, I can do that!!

So, we will see if I hit that deadline. Because really... I just thought more logs on the fire makes a bonfire and who doesn't like a pretty bonfire?

Just a catch up blog on what I am doing, really. What are you doing?

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