Sunday, January 17, 2010

Live a little...

Last night I came home after a crappy day at work and I must admit... my mood sucked. I could word that prettily. I have lots of words for a bad day. But sucked is so apt.

I had a headache. My day at work was just not the best day. Bad things are happening with the boys at school and I am being forced to go to extreme measures to resolve the issues. It just... sucked.

I drove the long drive home. I got the kids. I headed to Michelle's.

She had made ham chowder. I am not sure what it involves exactly as it is beyond my culinary expertise. It seems to involve cream and ham and some cheesy goodness. There was a nice Havarti cheese and Ciabata bread to go with it. The kids were in a good mood. My ex-husband came over and he was in a good mood.

We had a lovely meal (gasp!) and then watched Sherlock Holmes. Amazing movie.

I woke up this morning mostly improved in mood and we did the Sunday routine of cleaning house. We cleaned out the car (which really needed it) and then me and the kids went out to breakfast.

I kind of forget sometimes what a blast they are. We need the vacation that looms in the near future. Today we went out and the conversation was so terribly random and Brat Pack that it was great. We did not talk about school issues. We did not talk about what we needed to do. We talked about stupid things... nothing things.

We reveled in being together. They did not fight. I did not yell. I did mention to get their elbows off the table.

We laughed and ate a bite of each others breakfasts. We argued over whether or not they should drink coffee creamer.

I miss just hanging out with them. I am looking forward to summer. School last year was not this trying because Summit made them happy and, by effect, me happy. We did not have discipline issues constantly because school is their priority so if they were doing well there... I could be more lax when they messed up out of it. Now every infraction is a huge offense. I hate being warden and not mother. Public school and my kids is not a good time...

But we had today. Tonight two of my kids are at moms. Little man is on the couch and hanging out. Tomorrow I go back to work and Ash will go to the sitter and on his behalf... action will be taken for better or worse. I hate that I had to go that extreme to be heard and make a change.

But they will make this right.

I will unveil exactly what all is going down soon. I want to wait for it all to unravel first. But for now... I just hope that all three of my kids find a place to learn that will help them grow and blossom. I don't like it when they fall into cracks... and again they are falling into one.

So I have putty in hand and am sealing cracks.

Best wishes to my champion...

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