Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top Five Hot #Werewolves - #Countdown to Odd Wolf

We're getting so close! Okay, a whole box set of wolf-variety stories? YES. I know, I got pretty excited when I heard about it myself. So, in honor of all the wolfy goodness, here's a countdown of werewolves I thought were hot in Virg-particular order:

Top Five Hot Werewolves

5. Wolf from the Tenth Kingdom

Okay, he's not alpha. And he's rather silly for a good chunk of the movie, even if he does have primal and insatiable animal hungers...but Wolf was hot. There was something about his canine devotion to his Virginia, his wolfish glare and the adorable way he'd scratch his ear that just did it for me. I know, I'm weird. But this is my list and I thought he was kinda hot.

4. Teen Wolf as played by Michael J. Fox

 Okay, for sure this was a campy kind of movie and I get that...but I had a serious long-running crush on the Fox. I mean, he's the dude from Back to the Future! Not to mention his money-clever character from his long running television show. That said, I didn't even mind him getting hairy. Still hot.

3. The Werewolf as played by Michael Jackson

I'm going to be honest...I never had a thing for MJ. My sister and mother had the biggest crush on him and now my daughter does, but I loved and love Thriller. I do, I admit it. Sure, I probably have more of a thing for Vincent Price than MJ as a wolf, but whatever...that laugh from Price is worthy of making the list, even if he wasn't the wolf.

2. The Underworld Wolves

They had me at the sex in the back of that truck thing? Yeah, that was hot. Nuff said.

1. Blood and Chocolate the book Wolves

I don't know if you've read the book, but the movie disappointed me because of my love of the book. The way he came in the window...yeah, I liked that book. That was a sexy wolf.

Which wolves flipped your pancakes?

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