Thursday, January 1, 2015

12 Authors. 12 Signs. 1 Explosive Series. Introducing the Tempting #Signs #series from Fated Desires Publishing!

Forever Devoted ~ Taurus - Coming April 21st, 2015

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Robbie Jacobs is content being just one of the guys. For years, she’s run with her “Pack,” a group of rowdy boys she went to high school with, used to party with, and now leans on in times of trouble. She has a couple gal pals, sure, but none of them are as close as the Pack….
Gray Smythe has been the unchallenged leader of their group of friends for years. Stoic, determined, he’s managed to be there for them all through some crazy shit. But when Robbie, the only girl in their group, gets into a car accident, the line between friendship and love suddenly gets a hell of a lot thinner.
One stubborn Taurus man who’s sure he knows what’s right and wrong, and one woman fighting to win back her body and a chance at love…. Will Robbie believe Gray is actually Forever Devoted?

The second book of the Tempting Signs series!

12 Authors. 12 Signs. 1 Explosive Series. Be prepared starting in March 2015 with Aries for the Signs of the Zodiac to lead the way to love in the emotional contemporary series.

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