Friday, January 9, 2015

Spotlight On Gemma K Murray #NewRelease #Witch #Dragon

My name is Gemma K. Murray and I am the author of the Cedar River series. This is a series about a village of shifters, who live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am a college student and mama to an incredible 6-year-old English Mastiff. The Golden Dragon’s Treasure is my third book and the third book in the series.

A witch who believes she's incapable of true love and a dragon who is looking for a specific type of woman, two beings who are complete opposites, yet perfect for each other. With danger looming on the edges of Cedar River, can Brady convince Silver that she is The Golden Dragon's Treasure?


 “So, that’s the hot little witch who’s got you all tied up?” Blaze said as Silver walked away.
I probably should explain a little bit about Blaze. He is the complete opposite of me. How
we ever became friends, I’ll never truly understand. I’m the guy who likes to stay home and keep
to myself, Blaze wants to go out and party. I’m a one woman kind of guy. I’ve seen Blaze go
through four women in a single night. The phoenix shifter moved to town the summer before our
freshman year in high school. Bowie and Brand, the fire chief, spent most of their time in high
school as rivals, but Blaze and I had been instant best friends. Mama always compared Blaze and
I to the devil and angel you see sitting on the characters’ shoulders in cartoons. Blaze raised his
share of hell, but I kept him from raising more than he did.
“Yeah, that’s her,” I said, trying not to notice the wiggle in her walk or her laugh as she
joked with Samson.
“She’s hot, brother, I will give her that.”
“She’s also annoys the hell out of me. I want a woman who is all sweet and feminine. I want
to make the moves in a relationship. Something tells me that is not how it would be with Silver
Blaze laughed. “So? Maybe it’s time for something different. If you haven’t noticed, your
bed has been awful cold the last few years. I say Ms. Larkin would be just the thing to heat it
“More like turning it into an inferno,” I mumbled as she came back with our food.

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  1. Virginia, I cannot say thank you enough for allowing me to share my new release with the world! I appreciate it more than you can ever understand :)