Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lifestyles of the Not Rich and Somewhat Famous!

Okay, I'm admittedly old. Because of that, I remember as a kid watching episodes of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, hosted by Robin Leach.

Real life and that life are two very, very separate entities. But, probably due to Romancing the Stone (Joan Wilder, I love you), being a romance author always sounded like a really glamorous life to me. Something that Robin Leach could totally report about.

In reality, last night I came home from school pink and itchy. I'm not sure WHAT I was reacting to, but something had my allergies in a tizzy. My eyes were even poofy.

So, I popped Benadryl, fell into a coma and woke before the alarm today. (I missed entirely everything that happened last night...)

My son then cheerfully handed me a ream of paper, all of which required my autograph (glam!) and money.

Eighty-six dollars, to be exact. While rummaging through the ream and trying to make my coffee-less brain focus on what he'd shoved at me, I noticed one of the papers meant pictures were today.

"Today?! The pictures are today? Quick, find a button down shirt or something not icky!"

After the ensuing argument, I realized I needed to give the school $21 for school pictures if I wanted to see how handsome my son was at the ripe old age of thirteen.

Besides that, they wanted $15 for a Chromebook. Apparently the school has decided to go paperless within the next two years and my son's class is the trial run for this project. So, they're assigning each student a ChromeBook.

Glancing up, I looked at the two computers provided by the online school that my older kids attend. I didn't have to give their school $15--they simply used the federal monies provided to the school to purchase computers for them to use. Also, a paperless school?

Basically, the district wants me to give them $15 so that my brick and mortar kid can go to an online school in a building?

Mmhhmkah, whatever, I gave them $15 for that.

Then there was another paper with the $50 pay-to-play so my kid could participate in a school sport. Gritting my teeth, I remembered again that the federal government has given our district monies for things like sports...and band, which they fail to fund properly...and art...and, Oh, don't get me started on the mismanaged budget in school systems or the state of the art sports complex which means I get to hand over $50 for my kid to be in the sport, not to mention the other money they're going to ask for because he is in a sport and...

Eh, whatever. Okay, $86 dollars so my kid can go to school today. That's cool.

I then headed downstairs to see no one did their chores, but man did they have a good night while Mommy was in an allergy coma. "You're cleaning that up, preferably before I get back home, right?" I asked my older two. Like zombies recently awakened from the grave, the teenagers dragged themselves out of bed and began to fix the mess.

Buzzing along on my way to school, the gas light came on in the car (ca-ching!) and I reminded myself that my birthday is only a few days away...

Which means I get to renew my license, buy that expensive sticker for my plates (which, to be honest, for $50 bucks should be a cooler sticker. I mean, it doesn't blink, light up, sparkle...nothing. A $50 sticker should be way cooler. Someone fix this.) and snag the van from where it is parked before those plates expire...

Oh, and crickets, I thought. I really need to buy more crickets to feed the frogs...
Without the slightest hesitation, I pulled into the school and parked right next to the sign that reads:

With a smirk, I said, "Hop off, kiddo. This is your stop."

Because for $86 dollars and online school in a building, I can drop him off wherever I please.

I'm such a rebel.

Was your morning as glamorous as mine? What made you twitch?
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  1. Ah, the joys of school. I actually carry a sharpie with me when I walk to school now, because some parents feel like their right to stay in their car to pick up their kid at the end of the day includes idling in the cross walk. This entitlement thought leads to blocking the only reasonable path walkers can take (which is well marked with signs not to block the damn crosswalk)--forcing them to walk in the street instead. Ah, other kids' parents, how they make me stabby.

    I hope your school year is much less exciting after this week!
    Stephanie Beck