Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You know what is sexy?

I saw a meme yesterday (I'll stick it here so you can see it too) and it got me to thinking...

I do indeed think kilts are sexy. I find a nice set of pecs tapering down to a herculean apron as hot as the next gal. I even think a woman, laughing and happy, is simply lovely.

But what I find sexy?

I have been irresistibly drawn to intelligent conversation for years. When someone tells me they will do something and then they do it? Irresistible. When someone shows consideration--puts my needs above their own? I swoon.

I really do think a sense of humor is powerfully sexy. A taste for adventure (that gleam in the eye, that let's try it spirit?) sends my hormones into a swirling mess of excitement. When someone grabs my hips and pulls me close? *sigh*

Openness and the ability to just say whatever? On both sides? Thrilling. Confidence, even if it isn't merited (not cruelty...I don't find that hot, but that cocky grin that says they know) sends my pulse throbbing. Humility and intuition? Yeah, that shows you're paying attention to me and like most folks, that thrills me. Come backs? Yeah, again, you're paying attention.

The things that flat out do it for me aren't the kilts (although I would happily stare at them all day) it is the little things.

I've had lovers who set things up so they would make me laugh (like planning, just because they liked to see me smile). I had another do a full-out Cinderella night for me. I've had ones that talked to me for hours and ones who sat in silence with me, but it meant the world because I didn't have to entertain them.

I try to reflect that in the books, I do, because that is the stuff that leads to people sticking in your mind. Simple consideration is often far more charming than flowers or moonlit walks.

What do you find simply irresistible...even if it isn't hard bodies or Hallmark holidays?

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