Friday, September 12, 2014

How I spent my birthday #GlamLife #RomanceAuthor

I took the day off work.

For those of you who know me, I don't do that. Like--EVER.

I woke up and started reading the Kim Harrison book I've been dying to read. Omg, Trent. *siiiiigh*

My niece called. Those of you who've seen Maleficent (I NEED a copy of that on DVD) will understand why I call the little goober my Beastie. So I headed over to see her (and her brother, who is also awesome.)

My mom and sis got me a cake, so I had dippy eggs, some fried ham...fed the beastie some blueberries and counted markers for a while (she's not yet two, so pretty easy going when it comes to a good time)...
Then I let her and her brother shove their fingers in the icing of the cake. Because you're only a little kid once and everyone should just eat the icing right off the cake.

Also, because I'm not crazy fond of icing. lol

Anyway, then me and Ralph (because you know I brought the pound puppy with me. He's my shadow...) headed back to the barn. I said "Thank you" for an hour or so on facebook, didn't work, and then went back to Trent. *siiiiiigh*

Ate some more eggs (I love eggs, I really do) and then said "Thank you" on facebook some more. Checked kids school stuff--looked good so back to Trent. *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Drank some coffee out of my new amazing coffee pot. OMG. Amazing coffee pot.

More Trent. *siiiiiiiigh*

Then more "Thank You" (300 people said happy birthday!! WOWZA, ya'll. xoxo) and more Trent. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Finished The Undead Pool (Will review both books later, promise) and started The Witch With No Name. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Oh, Trent.

And that's it. Lots of thanking folks, a few phone calls, lots of eggs.

It was really fantastic. The only 'work' I did was to look at my Amazon rankings a few times and be thrilled some of y'all picked up Odd Stuff while it is on sale. (Thanks for that, too. The rank is down to 4k. Love y'all for doing that. Hope you enjoy my Janie.)

Today? Off to IEP meetings and the DMV, but I plan to catch up on missed work and finish the last book of the Hollows series (*bawls* THE LAST BOOK!!! *tearteartear*)  I have an edit I hope to get out the door and then I'm back to finalizing Odd Fate.

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