Friday, August 22, 2014

Whatcha doooin, Virg? #AuthorLife #stats

So, yep, I used my word counts and facebook posts to come up with this chart of what I've been doing since June. 

Since some of you have asked me, "So what do you do all day?" or "What does your average week look like?" or "So you just write stories all day?"...

Here's an actual list of what I've been doing. Mind you, this doesn't include the daily stuff (brushing teeth, checking email, putting the dog outside to do his business, etc) but it is sort of amusing nonetheless. The one thing it showed me? The reason I never have a good answer for, "What is your average day like?" is that I never have an average day. Each one is pretty different and sort of shows me just playing hunt and peck to get things knocked off my to do list one at a time...

Just like everyone else.

Based on this, in the past almost two months (broken down below):

I wrote 35k in June and 46k in August for a grand total of about 81,000 words written in the past two months.

I’ve edited 362,000 words for various freelance assignments.

I’ve both revised and rewritten about 229,000 words. (which kinda makes my words written for the two months 310,000? ...meh, close enough. I'm a writer, not a math-er.)

All told, that makes about 672, 060 words of literature that crossed my desk before going out into the world. 

This doesn’t include ARCs I’ve read or other books I’ve enjoyed in that timeframe as I make no marked change on them. I just read them. Books I know I've read in this time frame?  I'm listing them below, but if you're really curious what I thought about them, find me on GoodReads. Also, I don't know how many words these books add up to my total total, but I'm not yanking them open and doing all the math to figure it out either.

Wrecked, by Shiloh Walker
The Arrow, by Monica McCarty
Dead Giveaway, by Charles Ramsey
Finding Me, by Michelle Knight
Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon, by Carmen Falcone
Just a Little Bit Lost, by Laurel Trivelpiece
Wolf Bite, by Heather Long
His Marriage Bargain, by Sidney Bristol
The Accidental Duchess, by Madeline Hunter


1 - went to breakfast/went to docs/ college classes/took kids to visit friends
2 - wrote 3k horror/attacked ebook pirates/revised 15k/went to Erie mall
3 - college class/visited friends

4 - family reunion/ went to bar with April and Jamie

5 - discussed proofs/ family tea party
7 - college classes/assignments

6 - ordered indie cover/contract discussion with editor/visited family, cemetery and Cleveland metroparks and did photoshoot/ got charged 3x for one purchase at Dollar General

7 - got contract offer/ wrote 8k horror/ contract discussion with editor
8 - college class/bought indie cover/sent cover form to pub/possible tornado

9 - college class/visited niece/had nephews over for slumber party

10 - generated invite for block party/promo blast

11 - made graphics/ scoured internet for book I read in 6th grade-found and ordered it

12 - critted 10k/edited 22k/ junking with exhub & kids/ found keystone letterbox

13 - revised 17k/ finances reviewed with accountant/ went junking /#13 on Amazon list

14 - kids immunized/various school related tasks

15 - author party

16 - wrote 17k/ edited 22k book/sent DMCAs

17 - college class/met friends at walnut beach

18 - signed & accepted book contract/ went junking

19 - sent invites to block party

21 - critted 8k/edited 42/ helped revise resume/discussed meeting with editor

21-24 revised and edited 54k

23 – Wriggled in RWA envy/ various publishing tasks with Amazon/visited sister

24 – Visited with editor pal/explored First Ladies Museum in Akron/pumped too much gas because I got distracted taking pics of the sky

25 - sent invites to Block Party/contract negotiations/DMCAs/went junking

28 - made graphics/asked questions in Q&A with Desiree Holt/sent out ARCs to reviewers

30 - set up blog tour/wrote blogs/discussed contract with editor/made graphics
31 - wrote 7k/ made covers for self pubs/ kids worked on mural


1 - wrote 9k/submitted to publisher/made graphics/discussed audible rights with pub

2 - completed edit 11k/accepted contract/ revamped (broke) website

3 - invoiced edits/revised blurb for pub/haircuts for kids/visited parents

4 - fridge starts decline to death/kids swim/prep for release days and final

5 - Book release/ fb block party/ found flea on dog/Flip out and mass murder of all bugs

4 - fb block party/ wrote 4k/ sent out info for fb party/set up installation for internet upgrade/organized block party/discussed cover proofs/discussed school things

6 - painted derby car/visited friend/bestseller in three categories/beginning to notice food poisoning but not aware that is what it is yet

7 - box set released/food poisoned because fridge died/took final exam for college/Sent out DMCAs/sent out some prizes from contests/discussed cover art for pub title/discussed coming fb party

8 - son’s first date/ sorted kids clothes/sent book for audiobook production
9 - back to school shopping/visited fair with son/bonfire/ revamped (broke) website

10 - birthday party for adopted daughter/bonfire/more negotiations regarding contract/box set release party on fb

12-14 revised and edited 88k/broke my house/visited with fam

14 - final pass on 22k edit/ Made graphics/completed online registration for son

13 - installed new fridge/got run over by a grocery cart/bought $300 groceries/yogurt war/ watched first outlander

15 - wrote 5k/ bought photography for indie cover/various office tasks/back to school shopping/ made cover flat

16 - revised 5k/ edited 45k book/got edits on one book back/discussed cover art for indie title/visited parents/created ad campaign and associated graphics/ dogsat

17 - wrote, organized and edited 14k/created cover art & graphics/published on amazon/visited parents

18 - Completed contract negotiations with publisher/wrote review for ARC/discussed editing schedule with an editor/created physical office for online students and school completed organization

19 - Traveled to Cleveland and Euclid/explored Our Lady of Lourdes healing waters and cemetery/visited with family/traveled home from Clevaland/completed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/traveled to Geneva to visit and see Outlander

20 - made graphics/school related items - first day for older kids/read ARC for review

21 - wrote 13660/created reveal tour and post/wrote book review (400words)/created retroreads graphics

So...yeah. That's what I've been doing. *squints at list*
Gads, the food poisoning.

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