Monday, August 25, 2014

Things that are coming soon #Update

Some of you may have seen my announcement on facebook, but if you didn't?

I've signed a contract with Entangled Publishing for my category contemporary romance, Penthouse Prince! It will release with their Indulgence line, more info on that coming soon.

In other news...

1. I have a big cover reveal going next week to celebrate my March 2015 release with Fated Desires titled Back in Time. AReCafe has an exclusive early reveal on September first, so keep an eye out for that. The cover will then be revealed on a bunch of blogs in the week that follows. Here's a list of a few places you can see the cover reveal...

Tentative Reveal Schedule:
September 1st - ARe Cafe
September 4th - Heather Long's Blog, Taryn Kincaid's blog,
September 5th -Explicit Escape Reads
September 6th - Little Shop of Readers, Read Our Thoughts
September 7th - Written Love, Cate Peace's blog

2. I have another big cover reveal coming later in September for an indie title, Necro.

Here is the unedited early blurb:

Aria works as a mortician by day, but by night she dreams of cold arms closing around her. Long assuming she’s just a bit sexually twisted, nothing prepares her for the night a corpse comes to life on her table…

Astor has tried to avoid the truth for years. A born vampire, he’s attempted to stay alive to avoid dealing with family politics which will come into play when he ends his human life and begins his undead one. When he wakes in a morgue being massaged by what he immediately recognizes as his soul mate, he has to make some choices—fast.

Can a woman who works with dead bodies find it in her heart to love a vampire?

Reveal info to come, but I can say that I bought the photography for the cover off HeatherLynn Portraits and it was turned into a cover by the ever fantastic Scott yes, lovely cover) I hope to have this title available before the end of 2014 (fingers crossed)

3. And because cover art is like Christmas for me, I have ANOTHER cover reveal coming soon thereafter...this one for the MuseItHot title, The Were, the Witch and The Baby. You can read a bit more about this coming soon title on my website and it is being designed by Nika Dixon.  (Some of you may recognize her name. She did the cover for Clothing Optional.

4. Odd Melody, book 2 of the Odd Series, is now available in ebook and print. To celebrate this release, Odd Stuff (also available in ebook and print) is on sale for a limited time for .99 in ebook format (meaning you can grab both full length paranormal romances for less than a cup of Starbucks) Odd Fate, book 3, is coming soon.

5. Secrets of a Snarky Writer is now available in ebook and print! As I said in the book blurb, "There are lots of books out there that offer advice on how to write, how to get published, or how to become the next best seller. This isn’t one of those books. Full of snark, dry humor and witticisms, Secrets of a Snarky Writer gives tables, charts, examples and organizational ideas. None of it is delivered in industry jargon, instead this book tells it like it is unapologetically. Includes sample query letters, sample blurbs, how to articles and lots and lots of snark. This ain’t your grandma’s writing textbook. Bring your sense of humor, prepare to chucklesnort coffee out your nose, and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something new.

6.. Some of you have found and read the book I'm so very proud of, While You Were Writing (Book 2 of the Watkin's Pond series)
This book can be read standalone and I love the hero so very much. I'm thrilled to say some reviewers have agreed!!

"I have not had the pleasure of indulging in any of Virginia Nelson's creations before, but became completely engrossed in this one. WHILE YOU WERE WRITING…will grab you and keep you entranced to the very end."  Fresh Fiction

"Ms. Nelson has a flair of writing characters that just come alive on the page and make you feel like you are living their lives... She takes the saying 'Grumpy Old Man' to a new level with Radcliffe McQueen. He was caustic and surly but funny as all hell when he went on his rants." - Guilty Pleasures, A TRUE GEM!  

"Loved this book... couldn't put it down! PERFECT! Totally recommend." - Amazon reader review

I'm so glad to hear everyone is enjoying my Radcliffe as much as I did while I wrote him :)

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