Thursday, August 28, 2014

#CoverReveal #Exclusive! - NECRO #Vampire #ParanormalRomance

I started writing this story a very long time ago and it was one that stuck with me (partly because of the research I'd done to write it and partly because my best friend, who read it, has brought it up at intervals since she never got to read the ending. Sorry, Shell!)

Due to that, when I started revisiting things that were lingering in my hard drive, I was excited to realize it was a really good story and that I was also excited to share it with everyone.

So, I contacted Heather over at HeatherLynn Portraits (because daaaaaang she has some great photos in her inventory. That lady? Talented!) to find the right guy to become my Astor. Once I'd found him, I also contacted the brilliant artist, Scott Carpenter, to put it all together. Saranna DeWylde was even kind enough to gimme a few of her words to add, which...I'm all fangirl happy about, to be honest.

I'm thrilled to share the cover and blurb for my coming soon vampire story (I could add long awaited, right, Michelle?) Necro.

Coming Soon to Amazon

Aria works as a mortician by day, but once her head hits the pillow, she dreams of cold arms closing around her. Long assuming she’s just a bit sexually twisted, nothing prepares her for the night a corpse comes to life on her table.
Astor has tried to avoid his fate for years. A born vampire, he’s attempted to stay alive because he doesn't want to deal with the family politics which will come into play when he ends his human life and begins his undead one. When he wakes in a morgue being massaged by what he immediately recognizes as his soul mate, he has to make some choices—fast.
Can a woman who works with dead bodies find it in her heart to love a vampire?

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