Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Release!!

Happy Book Birthday to me!! I'm so excited to share this story with you. I fell madly in love with the prickly Radcliffe and I sincerely hope readers do too!

To celebrate, I'll give you guys a special excerpt below--just for you! :)

Now available for preorder, August 5th release!

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/While-Were-Writing-Watkins-Pond-ebook/dp/B00KE1EBZK

B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/while-you-were-writing-virginia-nelson/1119568987?ean=9781619222335

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Bestselling author and infamous town hermit Radcliffe McQueen knows what he likes, what he doesn’t, and refuses to pretend social niceties. Particularly with a red-hot mess of a woman who’s taken it upon herself to smooth his rough edges. 

She thinks she can change him? Bring it. He’s more than willing to teach her the wisdom of doing things his way. Besides, it’ll distract him from the horror of facing a blank page.

Stodgy. Stubborn. Sanctimonious. Sheri Riddle can think of a long list of adjectives to describe her newest project. An artist by trade, a personality renovator by calling, she’s sure she can transform the blockheaded author into a reasonably personable human being.

Yet as they lock horns, each scrapes away layers of the other until something happens that’s quite outside of Sheri’s plans. Something that’ll take more than one taste of passion to satisfy…

Warning: Contains a temperamental author, a moody artist, a sexy assistant and a hoarder house. Did we mention rabid squirrels? Yeah, one of those too.

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Blog Only ADULT (18+) Excerpt!!

“Put. The. Painting. Back.” The long pauses between the words left her gnawing her lip. Perhaps this was a case of retreat being the better part of valor, but she didn’t want to retreat, not when she was sure she stood in the right. Besides, he hadn’t moved. He simply blocked the door. She wasn’t getting any sleep anyway, so a standoff wasn’t exactly using up quality time she’d better spend doing anything else—nothing she’d paint in her current state of mind would be worth a damn. Also, the shirtless view of him, leaning like a model in just jeans posed in a book, flat out did it for her. 

Her nipples hardened and she held the art a bit closer, hiding her chest. “No.” 

He sighed. “Your choice.” 

She squeaked when he blasted into motion, practically launching himself off the door toward her. A giggle choked in her throat as she dodged toward his desk and found herself trapped. She feinted left and he tracked the motion, blocking her. She moved left and he again positioned himself so she couldn’t pass. With a deep breath, she decided to bum rush him, hoping he’d avoid her crashing into him and move at the last second. 

He didn’t and her size wasn’t enough to blast past him. She apparently was enough to move him though, or caught him by surprise because it knocked him off balance—she dropped the painting as the breath rushed out of her—and he tumbled them both to the floor, spinning at the last second so she landed splayed across his chest. 

Too similar to their encounter outside and with less clothes, she scrambled to escape and snag the painting and only managed to get further tangled in his limbs. When his chuckle rumbled up out of his chest, shaking her in her precarious position on top of him, she smacked him again. 

“You’ve really got to stop whacking me.” Using one hand to hold her, he covered his eyes with the other. 

The tiredness in his face, marked by the dark circles under his eyes, showed he’d been missing sleep lately too, which gave her unreasonable pleasure. “Or what?” She repeated his earlier childish question, but this time he was close enough to respond. 

Which he did by rolling them over so he loomed above her, pinning her with his size and the sheer sexual heat of himself. “Or I’ll retaliate.” Her snort sounded loud in a room only filled with both their racing breaths. “You won’t hit me.”

The feral grin that twisted his features sent shivers racing across her skin. She became aware the T-shirt had ridden up and that it rested around her waist, baring her lacy panties to his view, and that her unfettered breasts heaved as she panted. His eyes tracked over her, the expression on his face only growing more dangerous by the second. By the time his gaze met hers, heat flooded her body and she longed to arch into him or grab his face for another of those soul-shattering kisses. “Oh, Sheri, darling…I can think of far more interesting ways to torture you than hitting you.” 

She should have stopped him then, knowing he would kiss her. The slow movement of him bending toward her, push-up style, could be avoided simply by spider crawling from beneath him. Instead, she surprised herself and slid her fingertips into his hair to draw him closer. “Bring it."

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