Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

The kids were asked about their New Year's Resolutions... it ended up being more of an 'I want list'
See conversation transcript below.

Jordan shouts, "The yearly Blooooog!"
Ash- Why do we have to do this every year?
Can't you just write a blog about a blog?

Me- What are your new years resolutions?

Jordan- Not to be a whiny 'b.'

Me- Don't swear or hint at swearing...

Jordan- Yeees, Virg. Not to hit children, to be nice to my mom and you and my last resolution is to eat steak!! Ha, David!

David- I want to build the biggest lego set ever built and earn myself a Kindle from Santa and beat Sirius Sam. Oh, and to not beat up Ash.

Ash- What is with everyone wanting to beat me up?

Jordan- You are just beatable.

Ash- I want to stay out of sites I am not supposed to and collect as many comics as David does. Especially rares like Morbius. And to get a Kindle from Santa... and to not hit my sister. I also want to learn how to pick my nose with my toes.

(Jordan sits picking her nose with her toe.)

Justice- Mine are to get good grades, try hard and NOT FAIL and plus get Bakugon. I don't care which Bakugon..

Ash- No you don't! You just want to be like us.

Jordan- points her finger at the sky proudly then complains because Ash ate a booger... apparently she has already forgotten her toe was just up her nose....

Kids all surround computer and giggle.

Jordan- I say the next thing we talk about is the MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! (then falls on chair, squashes her dog and laughs hysterically)

Me- okay... what is the meaning, Jordan?

Jordan- The meaning of Christmas is Jesus's birth and it is all Saint Nicholas being a symbol for joy for Children!! And that is all I have to say!

Then me and Shell threaten violence...

Jordan- So what is martyred? Stuck to a pole, right?

David- Jesus went to heaven for our sins. That is really the important part.

Then the kids begin discussing calling David Dave...


Jack typed the above when I didn't pet him...

Kids all back to reading my screen and laughing and poking me with their little jabby chins...

Me- Quit it!

Michelle- Silence!

Enough bloggie for one day...

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