Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Letter

Ash- Mom, have you written the Christmas letter yet?

Me- No.

Ash- Do you have the picture you are using to send out.

Me(annoyed)- No.

Ash- Don't you have to mail that stuff out?

Me(Glaring now)- Yes!

Ash- So you are a writer and you haven't even done the Christmas letter yet?

Me- I have written many books this year. And edited them. Four got published. Four. In one year. That is four more than I have ever published before. Plus I work full time. And you haaaad to homeschool. And there are THREE of you guys. I am lucky I remember to wash my hair.

Ash- So is that some lame excuse why you haven't done it yet? Because you told me we don't make excuses when we haven't done what we are supposed to.

Me- *glare*

Ash- I will shut up now.