Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Snowed in, I have one little boy running around with ants-in-the-pants underwear and a teeshirt and a little girl in her Nightmare before Christmas tee and shorts. And I feel it is that time of year again...

To discuss the true meaning of Christmas!!

Me- Ash, why do we celebrate Christmas?

Ash-Pretty much it is for Jesus's birthday and it is a time for sharing.

Me- Why don't we share everyday?

Ash- I don't know! We should. Then everybody would get presents everyday.
Me- What about Santa?

Ash- He gives us presents.

Me- Why?

Ash- I don't know! Are you writing another blog?

Justice- Santa comes to give us presents like love joy and hope.

Me- How do you wrap love joy and hope?

Justice- The love joy and hope is watching others enjoy their gifts.

Me- Does that mean if he doesn't bring you anything, you would still feel love, joy and hope?

Justice- Happiness would be in your heart. I would rather have family.

Me- So do I have to get you a present? Or just show up?

Justice... You don't have to but it would make me happy.
Me- But you said you would be happy without presents.

Justice- I would be happier with presents. Maybe without presents I would be as happy as a gnat.

Me- A gnat?

Justice- Or a fat lazy cat.

Me- A gnat? (ponders what story included the Christmas Gnat...)

Justice- No. A cat. But a gnat because they are small.

Me- So... you want a bug for Christmas?

Justice-No. Aughh.

Ash- Someone hides a pickle in our tree and you get a free present. Like an extra life in a game. But a pickle. I know that about Christmas.

Me- Why a pickle?

Ash- It's a German thing. German's like pickles.

Me- Is there any meaning to the pickle?

Ash- Yes. It means it's glass. If we used a real pickle it would stink. I like nutcrackers.

Me- What do nutcrackers have to do with Christmas?

Ash- They don't do anything. They are decorations. They talk.

Me- What do they say? (there are medications for talking decorations...)

Ash- "Hello. My name is nutcracker."

Me- So decorations talk to you? What does the pickle say?

Ash- "My name is pickle. If you find me on Christmas, you get an extra pickle." All the decorations talk. If you have the magic of Christmas.
Me- What is the magic of Christmas?

Ash- Joy and Happiness. I want presents. *dances around the room... wiggling his butt*
Me- Why?

Ash- Presents make me happy. I want Draganoid Collosus and DSI. That's all.

Me- But that's expensive.

Ash- Santa gets the presents from the elves who make them in the North Pole.
Me- What do the elves get paid?

Ash- They don't. It said so on Rugrats. They do it for joy. Just like the Easter Bunny.

Me- So the Easter Bunny doesn't get paid?

Ash- No. Just joy. That is all they get.

Justice- They work for joy for making kids happy and for Christmas-sake. It is joyful for them to make stuff because it is what they are good at and what they love. I think the pickle is there because you hide it.

Me- So how does Santa get in since we don't have a chimney?

Justice- He makes one with his magical nose.

Ash- If you don't have a chimney he touches his nose and walks through the door with his big red sack. And quiet as a mouse he sticks presents under their tree. And then the children wake up and find the pickle and Santa eats cookies because they are his favorite. Sometimes Santa goes through heaters because he is waterproof and can climb like Spiderman.

Me- So Santa is like a holiday superhero?

Ash- Pretty much. He and Spiderman are probably friends. Maybe he has things on his hand like Spiderman to climb walls. And then eats cookies and milk. Spiderman and Santa probably plan Christmas.

Justice-Santa is a superhero in a way. He makes children happy and helps them believe.

Me- So Spiderman makes children and happy.

Justice- Duh. With comic books.

Me- Aaaah.

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