Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow day

You might live in the snow belt if...
  • You don't measure snow by the inch, you measure by the foot.

  • You know what the phrase 'white out' means.

  • You have ever gotten stuck... not in a ditch... on a road.

  • Your school doesn't call off for roads buried in snow but instead has drivers that grin back at the kids and say, "Hang on. Things are about to get interesting!"

  • You have ever compared your drive to work to a video game... "So it was a level three snow... Drifts blowing... So I tugged on the ebrake to make the turn..."

  • You have ever stood across the road from someone... and not been able to see them.

  • Your dog goes outside... and you have to get a shovel out to find him... and he is a grand mastiff.

  • You have thought to yourself... I just want to follow the plow.

  • Your neighbor plows their front yard.

  • Walking out to get the mail is a major event that requires snowsuit, cross country ski apparel and perhaps a rope between you and the box.

  • You set a bottle of water on the porch and wait for it to pop... because you are snowed in and have nothing better to do for the next ten minutes.

  • When you let the dog out he was black. When you let him back in, he has transformed into the abominable snowdog.

  • You know why there is a flare, a candle and kitty litter in your trunk and blink in surprise if someone you know doesn't do this. Also, in the back of the truck, you have bags of sand but no sand box...

  • You have ever shrink wrapped your house...

You can ride a snowmobile down Main Street and not shoot off any sparks because the road is a foot deep in snow.

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  1. WTF why didn't my comment save?

    I miss the beauty of Ohio for sure - it's trees and hills were stunning. AND windbreakers. Here we just have cows and empty fields in the winter with NOTHING to block the arctic blasts. I'd take feet of snow over our ridiculous winds any day.

    Fun fact - Blow bubbles outside when it's 10' or lower. Apparently they'll form then sort of burst because they freeze. Try it out and let me know!