Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lucky Sevens-Runaway Groom

I was tagged by Wendi Zwaduk to participate in Lucky 7, in which an author excerpts seven sentences of a current work, from page seventy-seven (or seven), seven lines down on the page. And then I nominate and notify seven other authors to participate. 
This is from my unedited story, Runaway Groom, coming soon.  The hero, Braxton, got an interesting invitation from the heroine, Abby.  Enjoy!

When the woman you love says she wants to swim and that she is hot…
You go.
Putting the truck in park next to her small red car, he saw, illuminated in the headlights, her head bobbing out in the water.  A pile of clothes by the shore made him wonder if she stripped down to a bathing suit or if she swam in her birthday suit--neither idea helped the fact his jeans felt far too tight.
Cutting the engine, he shut off the lights, shucked his own clothes and waded into the water.  Cold compared to the heat of the day, it soothed over his tired muscles but didn’t ease the ache in his chest.
He couldn’t resist her when they were kids.  Like a magnet, he was drawn to her in the water as heat lightning sizzled across the sky above the pond.

Happy Writing!

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