Saturday, June 9, 2012

On Weddings...

Today my kid sister is tying the knot and family and friends are gathering to share their special moment.  I'm currently in my comfy chair, chugging coffee and considering marriage, commitment and all the stuff I write about.

Probably you can guess from my career choice that I am fascinated by romance and by the winding roads that lead two strangers, meeting by chance in a huge world full of billions of people, to decide to share their lives and experiences.

You have your sweet-meet's--
The ones who meet in a romantic and fun way right from the start.

You have your old friends to lovers.

You have your enemies to lovers.

There are more ways for a couple to start out than books that I could write in one lifetime.

And yet...

So many people spend their whole lives looking for that happily ever after.  So few find the One.

Makes the ones who actually get so far as to trip down the altar even more special, really.  How many hurdles and hoops must you jump before you make it to that altar?  How much stronger does that make the relationship against the various slings and arrows of life that are yet to come?

So, today, Jamie and Dennis...I applaud you for making it to today.  For loving each other enough to say, "I do."

Best of luck in your lives together.  May each day be an adventure, full of more laughs than tears, and may you find more strength together than you ever had apart.

Love ya, sis.  Congrats.

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