Friday, June 29, 2012

Magic Mike...and Clothing Optional

Magic Mike opened in theaters today and it is also Clothing Optional’s release day.
Probably but I look at it as the universe smiling on all things nekked.
Last night, me, my best friend and the adoptive mom all went to the midnight premiere of the movie last night in Erie, Pennsylvania. Arriving early, we sat through the previews—almost all of which were for horror movies causing us to snark that they were obviously confused about the difference between horny and horror—munched popcorn and were rewarded with a look at Channing Tatum naked in the first minute of the movie.
Ho-de-laly is that a lovely man.
All in all, it was a good movie and totally worth the cost of a movie ticket especially if you enjoy half naked men romping across the screen. There was a bit more of the drugs/idiocy of youth storyline and not quite enough of the romance storyline but all in all…
Mike was indeed magical.
Matthew surprised me. There were scenes like this one where he teaches Alex how to dance for the ladies, where he had me grinning. He did not strike me as a hero in this movie, though, and I ended up liking Channing far more than I did before entering the theater when I left it.
But, as you know, this was a movie about strippers. Strippers are very comfortable with their own nudity and so are most of the characters in my today release, Clothing Optional.
Yes, that’s right, Clothing Optional my mmf erotic romance is available today.
On the rebound, Brie is thrilled at the idea of a vacation on the beaches of Florida. It will be especially great since it is with two men who are absolutely irresistible…and equally unattainable. Murphy and his boyfriend are offering the escape and maybe, if she spends enough time with them, she will be able to resist wanting to strip them every time she sees them.
Murphy has always been oddly attracted to his best pal, Brie. But he has never touched a woman in that way. When his lover and boyfriend Andy suggests they make love to her, that she is perfect for them to experience a ménage, Murphy wonders if he is not enough somehow.
But the temptation of having them both…When they get to the resort and find out that “Clothing Optional” should have been in bold print on the brochure, the three of them are in for the weekend of their lives.
What a great summer day, right?
Happy writing (or reading and movie watching if you’re doing what I was doing today.)

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