Monday, October 17, 2011

On relaxation...

I am a huge fan of balance. I am also not so great at creating it. I think when I was born, they were handing out extra chaos and I picked up a double order.

So I tend to do everything to extremes. I am an extra large gal in a travel-sized world. I like to laugh. I like to write.

I work probably more than is healthy. 3am and I are just as good friends as 5am and I. I spend most of this time staring at a computer. Book, school and review stuff has me toss out the answer, "I would if I could but..." more than I noticed, lately.

So when I got a facebook invite to see a couple friends from highschool play at a local winery, I forwarded it to a good friend of mine. Honestly, from that point, I forgot about it. When I got the invite it seemed like a good idea and all...

And another facebook invite advised me that Saturday was the CD release party for another friends band. And a birthday party. I RSVP'd those, too. Probably I would have to bow out but...

Then Friday rolled around and the friend I had forwarded the invite to said, "Let's go!" And I went.

Wine, cheese, great company with the backdrop of music that was both familiar (the lead guitarist and lead singer were guys I went to high school with... We had spent many hours in the art department so I had heard some of the same music back then in a rawer, younger form.) and smoother all at once. I had a blast. Probably I haven't laughed as much as I did that night in a long time. Too long.

(here is a youtube video I took with my phone of the band)

And Saturday rolled around and I went back out with the same buddy. Funny thing there... If I don't spend time with someone for awhile, I think I convince myself that there is nothing to miss, after all. Which is bull shit. This was a very old and good friend of mine, at one point my very best friend, so I sort of forget that there are people out there that 'get' you. Like on that level where they know the ugly bits but understand.... Yeah, that good of a friend. So I now remember WHY I should miss their company.

Anyway, went out Saturday and had a great visit with my little sister. Her new fiance is with the band, Torn Days (check out their Facebook page here) and we hit their release party. Some of their lyrics crack me up and they have a fun style that puts me in the mind of Creed. All in all, a fun night but the fun wasn't over...

We then went out to karaoke at Pennline. I sang 'Does he love you?' and 'Jar of Hearts' and altogether let my hair down. (Or in my case, tugged it up so I could dance!)

What is the point of this recitation of my weekend events?

Make time for fun. Whatever your idea of fun is. There is no such thing as being too busy to sit with a friend and laugh. There is no such thing as being too busy to dance like you don't care.

You only live once.

The whole thing, while taking up a good portion of my weekend, added up to leave me feeling more refreshed, more ready to take the world by the horns and kick it's ass.

Find your fun. Take it. Make it your bitch.

That is just one writer's advice. But I am pretty sure I am right. ;)

Oh, and if you loved Matt and Shaun of the Shaun Easton Band, here is another video I took of them with my droid... This time singing one of my favorite songs, No Woman No Cry. Have a great Monday!!

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