Friday, October 21, 2011

New release!!

This weekend marks the release of my YA Paranormal, written under my pen name, Sleeping Garden!!!

(Applause wouldn't be out of order, here.)

Olivia didn’t plan to find her mother dead when she came down for breakfast. She never would have dreamed that the summer before her senior year would be spent in a house that looks like a museum rather than basking on the beach with her friends. If you had tried to tell her that she would instead spend her time gardening, trying to find out why someone would lock a garden and juggling two attractive boys, she would have fallen over in laughter.

But when her life changes in a heartbeat, all of this and more challenge this strange young woman.

A fairytale told with a modern edge, this story is a retelling of the classic Frances Hodgson Burnett tale, A Secret Garden, but with a paranormal twist.

So, for you lovely blog readers, here is a sneak peek at Sleeping Garden! (The artwork, by the way, is by © and you can see more of her work here. )


The moon beckoned me, a luminary being, all alone in the darkness. I began to talk to it, the moon, the only familiar thing outside the window.

“My mom is gone. I am completely alone. Did you ever feel like the whole world has given up on you? And your life is over? Because that is how I feel tonight.”

As if in answer, a shadow crossed the bright disc of light hanging in the velvet sky.

As if posing for me, the shadow paused, silhouetted against the moon. Had I dozed off and not realized it?

It looked like a dragon.

Ridiculous, but that was what it appeared to be, and I blinked trying to decide what I was looking at. By then the image was gone and the creature had dipped back into the trees.

It couldn’t have been.

I sat sentry for hours but the thing never reappeared.

The dragon had been either a dream, a figment of an overactive imagination or perhaps the onset of some madness that would swallow all that was left of me from this dark life. I clung to those ideas even as I drifted into sleep with my head pressed to the glass.

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