Friday, August 26, 2011

Things Sesame Street forgot to teach...

Since I am homeschooling my kids, I keep thinking of what life skills they really need to learn to survive in today's world.

And most of the skills I find useful on a day to day basis aren't anything that they learned so far.

For instance (Yes it is a list. You know you love my lists...)

1. How to succeed at Farmville.

How many executives do you think have a Farmville that they are clickity clacking on while you wait? A lot. It is the new golf.

2. Eating fast.

Not fast food so much but eating while working. Eating while reading. Eating while driving. I have found that the older I get (and perhaps this has something to do with what I choose to do in life...) the less time I have to hork down a muffin.

3. Telling off traffic.

It seems to be very important to have this skill, especially if you are doing any city driving. Also, it is handy when you cut someone off. Telling them off makes you feel better for being so stupid. C'mon. You know you have done it.

4. Twitter and Facebooking.

Not playing the Farmvilles, in this one. I am referring to the ability to be interesting in 140 characters or less. Teaching a kid to write an essay doesn't help here.

5. Finding out.

What I mean is the ability, given a computer or smart phone, to find any random bit of data that may be useful. This is handy both at work (what was the gross national product of China in 1987... gimme one second... googleing... ) and at home (Depression book... um... Had to be Grapes of Wrath... C'mon... John Steinbeck!! What is John Steinbeck!! Ha! Told you, Alex Trebek.)

6. How to take rejection.

Also known as how to eat Ben and Jerry's.

7. How to walk out butt cramps.

With our increased age of tech and media, more people are making their livings clickity clacking away at a desk. Also, how to work out finger cramps. Handy skills and ones I had to learn the hard way.

8. How to avoid distractions like blogs, twitter, facebook...

Okay, I haven't figured out that one yet but I am thinking of starting a support group.

9. What antacid is the best for too much coffee and too little food?

No really... I mentioned the eating thing, right? Yeah. Coffee+Coffee+No Food=HEARRRRTBURN. So what works?

10. How to write a blog.

Because sanity is overrated but venting is good.

What things do you think kids of the future need to survive in today's high tech, low impact world?


  1. I really like the how to take rejection.

    Kids today need to learn that just showing up isn't good enough. You don't get a trophy for trying. And sometimes, even doing your best won't get you there, so don't expect everything to be handed to you on a platter.

    And if you do fail, don't give up. But don't expect anyone to drag you kicking and screaming to success.

    As adults, you are no longer children and shouldn't expect anyone's teat to nourish you, least of all the government's.

    It is okay to disagree with people. It is okay for them to disagree with you. That doesn't mean either party is dogshit. It's just a difference of opinion.

    What you say on the internet is there forever, even if you delete it.

    And um.... Hmm.

    That's all for now. LOL. :)

  2. Good stuff!! I agree on all counts. Especially in regards to awards. I am kind of sick of the 'I deserve to because I came' attitude that we seem to be nourishing. :)

    I also enjoy the 'how to take rejection.'

    It works on sooo many levels of life.