Monday, August 22, 2011

Disorganization is the key?

Jackson Pearce, who quickly jumped onto my list of favorite authors and blog/vloggers in the past year, did a vlog this past week called Life Fail. I will embed it below.

And I had a similar case of the duh's this week when I was working happily at my desk.

I was in the zone… writing away with happy clickity clacks and having the story flow like music from my fingertips. In a haze of happy artist, I sipped the sweet tea my kids were kind enough to pour into a mug from the fridge for me. On the second glass, I glanced into the cup for some reason.

And realized the kids gave me moldy tea and I had already drank a glass and a half.

It made me wonder, between my experience and Jackson's, if this is some kind of writerly necessity...

Maybe we have to have the ability to tune out the real world- to the point of dropping a couple of lifes little juggling balls- to be able to truly focus on the unreality floating around like thought flotsam in our heads. Maybe it is important to focus single-mindedly on our characters and our world and the plot to the point of looking like a bit of a space cadet to be able to craft something really good.

Have you had any experiences in which you flaked out on some of your real life?

Enjoy Jackson's blog:

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