Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sneek Peek WIP Wolf Bait

Here's whats on my desk today:

Inspired by a random conversation with bestselling author Lisa Pietsch, I am working on a short story for ARE All Romance Ebooks Just One Bite Contest.

Here is an excerpt of what I am working on...

I had been a shapeshifter for longer than I cared to remember. The duality of my nature never bothered me. Not one of those whining men, so popular by television and media these days, I wasn’t ever ashamed of what I was.

If you are a monster, you’re a monster. Get over yourself.

Raking a hand through my hair, I scanned the club. From the balcony, I could see everyone who dared come into my den. Foolish humans, scraps of clothing hanging negligently on their too skinny hides, slopped back drinks and tried to get laid nightly, filling my pockets in their desperation to find a mate.

I wasn’t looking for a mate. I had better things to do with my days. Money was power. Blood was power. Getting laid was something you did to fill a basic need, like eating. The rest of that garbled love crap that my pack had been spouting lately…

I rolled my eyes and was glad no one was near to see me.

Grown men, men who had been around hundreds of years, whipped by a good lay.

Thank whatever god watched over the furry that I wasn’t sucked into that nonsense.

And then she walked in.

I smelled her before I saw her.

Bacon, that scent like fresh fried breakfast, wafted to my overly sensitive nose. In a club, it was just odd to pick up the aroma of fried pork fat. But I trusted my nose more than I trusted any of my senses, and I smelled bacon.

Tantalized in a way that made my stomach growl, my eyes scanned the crowd. Did someone bring in food?

And then I saw her.

Hair glittering in the strobe like old gold and more clothes than anyone else in the crowd set her apart. She was dressed like a librarian. In a club.

I began to move toward the stairs before I had really thought it through.

Was she carrying bacon in her purse?

God knows, she could fit a small army in that horrendous bag.

Cutting through the crowd easily, I found her. From behind, she looked even less attractive. The skirt she wore was too long, falling to an unattractive length that made her legs look bigger than they probably were. Her shoes were… sensible. That was about the best adjective I could apply to the ugly brown things that covered what looked to be small feet.

Her hair caught my eye again from this angle. Hanging in waves nearly to her ass, it was a golden fall of waves far longer than was currently in style. It looked like she hadn’t bothered to get it cut rather than any artful womanly attempt at loveliness.

The hair and that gorgeous behind. Even with the worlds ugliest skirt wrapped around it, she had a rounded curves that begged you to dig your fingers into them.

And she reeked of bacon.

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