Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick Day

Today is a sick day. I am home sniffling and snuffling; sneezing and snorting. Bodily fluids abound and I stink.
I stink because, good reader, I did not feel well enough to trip and die in my shower. I could have tried but I didn't care enough about my own stenchieness to bother.

I hate that.

But I didn't let this stop me from being productive. *sniffle* Nay. I wrote three reviews, created an author interview, cleaned out my inbox and read a book.

It was a good book, by the way. *sniffle*

In addition to all of this I plotted out and began another book of my own. *snarfy snorty hawking noise* Sorry. As I was saying, Plot. Yes. Plot is good.

I also got to visit GoodReads. I don't think I will ever actually manage to tally what all I have ACTUALLY read on there. I just keep remembering random authors and plunking them on. So far, every one listed on Goodreads as read is not just read, I own them. *giggle* Not the authors. *Neat mental picture of an author farm in my backyard...then shakes off image when pictures trying to feed said farm* The books. I own those almost three hundred books. And those are just the ones I remember off hand. I do not have the time to pluck through my bookshelves and put all the books down one by one. Yeesh. That is a project for a more procrastinating author than even I.

I tweeted today when facebook crashed. I hadn't spent as much time on Twitter lately (Facebook has been dominating my time... sorry Twitter friends. I forgot how flipping cool you are. I won't be a stranger again...)

I also researched some plot stuff. Intelligence. Doesn't sound like a plot point but I am working it in. It should be cool but then again... it may be the fever talking...

So, all of this I got done and you may wonder....


Yeah. I looked at those. They are still there. I pulled them up three times and then immediately proceeded to close them again. It is going to be a biiiiiig project. Like changing the tense of the entire story project. It is going to be a sit-and-dedicate-a-day-of-computer-time-to-that-world kind of project.

My attention span was so not there today.


Maybe tomorrow.

Actually, realistically, we are looking at Sunday. If I muddle with it and only get part way through I am going to have to start back at the beginning anyway. So it is one of those I need to hit it and stay on it till it is done things.

Not today. It got Scarlett O'Hara-d. You know? I'll think about it tomorrow?


Oh, and I found another app for the droid, of course free which is why I think Google is taking the world over for fah-ree! It may even replace my obsession with retrocamera. (Probably not, but it might.) It is called FXCamera and it lets me do things like fisheye, double vision and my personal favorite, Andy Warholize the image...

I Andy Warhol-ed Ash.


Heh. That was cool.

Okay. I am off to do a zombie walk to my bed. I still stink. I will worry about that in the morning.

Oh, before I do, I declared war on the beehive.

Here were my facebook statuses from the war:

1. War With Evil Suicidal Stinging Arthropods Update: Today, I attacked them. Randomly noticing them buzzing happily, I nerf gunned them. When I ran out of darts, I threw the gun. When I ran out of Nerf guns, I whipped a couple of butter-knives. When they were thoroughly swarming, I hid. Note to self: Explain to lan...dlord later why there is cutlery and nerf stuff in yard.

The goal... make the stupid bugs kill themselves stinging nerf darts, butter knives and nerf guns. Since they are scent driven, I have no clue if this will work. I am hoping to at least take out the dumb ones...

after awhile...

They are back to their normal flying pattern... I am thinking of sending one of the kids to collect my weapons out of the yard. I cannot go that close to the hive and if the kids collect the evidence, I won't have to explain the war to the neighbors...

Who would probably laugh hysterically at the crazy lady in the barn.

Justice did a successful retrieval mission and collected the nerf gun. Unfortunately, it seems the nerf 'bullets' and the two butterknives are lost causes. Sadly, they are lost to the bees. RIP darts and knives... May you hive in peace.

Just thought I would update you on the suicidal bug issue...
Have a splendorific... *sniffle*


  1. Sick days - sucky, sucky. As for Goodreads - I decided to just start tracking from 2010 on so that I can get an idea of how much (and what) I actually read each year. I like that site.

  2. At least you're being productive when you're sick! I don't do sh1t when I'm sick...honestly, I'm a BAD writer. I never stick to a schedule but you've inspired me to write today.