Sunday, April 18, 2010

John Doe or How to Kill a Zombie with Math

John Doe was an ordinary man. His very ordinariness sometimes made him somewhat nauseous. The only thing John was good at was math and at that he was truly exceptional. In everything else, he was ordinary. Nondescript brownish hair fell over eyes that were not sure if they were blue, gray or just the color of mud. It really depended on which of his ordinary button-down shirts that he chose to wear which color that his eyes most resembled. Not that anyone but John's mother had ever noticed the changing eyes. Few people paid enough attention to John to notice much of anything about him.

Then the zombies came. It was just another day driving home from the office and John's mediocre job as an accountant for a mediocre firm when the man lurched into the road in front of John. John slammed on his brakes and stared in horror at the disfigured, formerly human, creature in front of him. The zombies had taken over Washington and it had happened without a blip on Fox News, without a single siren going off... it had just happened.

What was John to do? All he had was his exceptional math skills and his very ordinary nature...

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