Monday, April 26, 2010

TV at our Home

We don't watch a lot of television at our house. Mostly we go on long rambling walks over the Ohio countryside and take pictures of the world around us. Or we are buried in books because I am a mean mommy. But what we do watch is usually programmed into the DVR and we watch it when I allow TV time. I guess it never occurred to me until today during Ashton's live lesson for homeschool with his speech teacher how random our tv preferences really are.
Steven Hawking has a new show on the Discovery channel. Being huge Discovery channel and Science channel buffs (okay, read NERDS), we are watching that series. We caught one this morning and will catch the other tonight... I promised. So he was regaling the teacher with Hawking's view of the universe and aliens... and that probably, mathematically, it makes sense that there is other life out there... and about the WOW signal. I was giggling. He remembered the Wow! signal out of all that. Pretty neat. Go Hawking.
He also was impressed that the guy cannot move and yet can think about such huge meaningful questions rather than sitting around feeling sorry for himself. :)
Then he went into a diatribe about Steven Kings The Langoliers. Oops. Well. David is really into Stephen King and do you know how hard it is to find a NOT SCARY Steven King movie? *shrug*
I flipped through the DVR. We have those, Dead Like Me, Glee, House, Vampire Diaries (Justice is just meeting the characters I fell in love with in the late nineties...) and Dr. Who. We have stopped Dvr-ing the Clone Wars because David is grounded and Ash is on Tech ban but could not so easily dismiss the new Who's. I would have had a full scale riot had I nixed Who.
I have a strange bunch of kids...
Man I love the Brat Pack.
Oops, time for another episode of Mythbusters... gotta jet (fuel).
See ya soon.

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