Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stupid Commercial

So I was getting ready to write this blog and Glee was playing on the TV (first time watching it and it is amusing) and all of the sudden I hear, "Droid."

Since my phone says that, I pluck it up and start looking for the text message that obviously came in.

Yeah, the commercial was almost over before I realized it was the beginning of that stupid Droid commercial and that my phone had nothing to do with it. I love my Droid. I now hate Droid commercials. Faking me out and making me look stupid.

So the school poisoned David today again. I think they don't look at it that way because they cheerfully looked at me and advised me I needed to get another bottle of Benadryl for them because they have gone through a whole bottle by repeatedly feeding my child food that he is severely allergic to this year. Do you realize severely allergic means the kid cannot breathe if he eats the crap and does not get meds?

Hence, it is David Poison.

On that basis, if it was any other kid and they had given them, say, cyanide once... the mom would be pretty mad. But hey, mistakes happen. The school said it would not happen again.

BUT THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME THEY HAVE POISONED MY KID. I am beginning to think they are trying to kill him off.

Okay, I would save lots of money on Sketchers, but I admit I am rather attached to the lil guy. One kid is not going to their school anymore. They are trying to kill the other one.

Oh, and they lost Justice today. Then they called me up and asked ME if I knew where she was. Um. Well, okay.

Comforting, that.

If a doctor had a track record like that, he would have no living clients.

But there is little accountability at schools. They say no child left behind. I think they mean, "Except your three."

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