Monday, March 15, 2010

Siren's Song Contract

So, some of you know I submitted the manuscript for book two of the Odd Stuff series and this was what I offered...

Janie Smith is back and ready to get her life in order for real this time. Having accepted that she is a siren and is going to be munching neurons instead of nachos doesn’t mean things have gotten any easier. She needs to learn to control her powers and for that she enlists the help of the ever mysterious and seductive Chance. He has promised to play nice and accept that Janie is in a relationship with the vampire… so long as she agrees to his ‘game.’

Janie, in the hopes of being one of the ‘good guys,’ also has agreed to a job working for the government to help with any cases that seem to be of a paranormal nature in her backyard. Her first case is to find the Harbor Hammer, a serial killer that has been around for centuries. It’s just her luck that the number one suspect is her boyfriend, Vance. It turns out to be yet another thing that isn’t working out as simply as she had hoped.

On top of all that, Mia, Janie’s best friend, is sick. A sick witch? Spells are flying, chaos has broken out and just when things can’t possibly get any worse, Janie’s mother notices that her daughter has become full siren. She then decides it’s a great time to remind Janie of her arranged fairy marriage.

Nothing is as simple as it seemed to be in this sleepy waterside hamlet… of course it all has something to do with the Siren’s Song.

This was the response from the publisher :

Dear Virginia,

Thank you for your recent submission. SBP would like to offer a contract for the manuscript, Siren’s Song.


So, Odd Stuff fans... if you want to continue the misadventures of Janie, Vance, Mia, Sven and the rest of the Odd Stuff gang, come join us soon... I will let you know when Siren's Song will be available!!!!

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