Monday, March 8, 2010

School Daze

I never planned to be in a position with my kids that I fought school districts.

I always pictured, when my kids were small, that school would be the chance for me to bake cupcakes. Chaperone field trips. Things like that.

My kids are clever so I figured occasionally I would hear an accolade or two about that. School was easy for me, so it would be for them as well.

Justice is proof that school is not easy for everyone. Every inch she wins, every tiny bit of knowledge she retains has a battle story behind it.

David struggles with boredom and shutting down if something looks to be a challenge. Either it is easy and it bores him or it is too hard. He is my extremist.

Then there is Ash. I figured having a kid who is ahead would be challenging. I figured keeping him interested would be something that schools would be excited about.

I overestimated public school systems before and I have done it again.

He is yet again suspended. He is yet again too much for them to deal with.

I could tear my hair out. How can he learn appropriate behavior when no one wants him around long enough to do it? How can they say they are capable of handling special needs and suspend him for things like clucking like a chicken and blowing raspberries? He is not even that far out of the box and they are unable to find answers or solutions that will make him fit in their schools.

I am done. So very done.

I will fight the battles that need fought and focus on what I can change.

I can teach him. I can create a support group to educate him when I am at work. I can provide knowledge at his fingertips and a world to discover and grow that sponge of a brain he has and help him reach his potential.

I cannot win against ignorance and refusal to assist.

So I won't try. I will help him without them.

Do what you can, create more help than harm, and return good for evil.

Funny unrelated story. At work yesterday, I went to put the coat on that I borrowed from Dad. I stuck my arm in the sleeve and felt paper. I wondered why I had shoved paper in my sleeve. I pulled it out and realized that there was a coat on the jacket itself as well as the lining.

It was a bank envelope. There was $52 dollars in it. There was also a receipt that read 2004. Apparently, Dad went to the bank and pulled out money. He put it in his inside pocket. Either he or mom decided it was cold and put the lining in his coat. No one had taken the lining off since 04.

I had $52. I called mom and she says she is going through the rest of his coats to see what Dad may have forgotten other than $52. It was pretty funny. I told mom she won the coat lottery.

2004... wow.

Anyway, hope your day involves wearing shining armor and going to battle... Mine will.

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