Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventure Planned... Random Rant

There are days when I realize that life may be my big adventure.

Raising three kids on your own is a pretty big adventure... Something new is always coming up. This week it was determined that Ashton was going to be homeschooled in an online school. He has decided that aside from going to the online school, he is also going to learn to play the recorder.

Since David is currently learning the recorder in school, he was more than willing to bring his lessons home and have a practice buddy and he is teaching him. They were apparently both spurred on by the fact that I can still play a few songs (Mom, do you realize that the song you just played has three notes... they have only taught us two. Teach me the third? Me- David, that was Mary had a Little Lamb... not complex stuff. Dave- Mom, three notes... I could learn it before the class!)

What this resulted in was a lot of squeaks and chirps and me having a headache for a week solid. Between enrolling and arguing with the other school and feeling like a terrible mom I have also had the tune of two budding recorder players as background music...

I am considering pitching a tent and moving to the yard.

They are getting really good and now I got Ashton's guitar as well so now they are playing both instruments. Loudly. I am encouraged that they have a love of music and choose to occupy themselves so creatively. It is not the video games. It is not destructive. It is enough to drive you mad. But you smile.

Because this is the stuff you want to encourage... But it is hard to encourage noise. Even educational noise. The laughter helps. There is something about a childs belly laugh that makes you smile.

Any time, any where, a child doing a full belly laugh makes you smile, I don't care who you are. My youngest cracks me up. All I have to do is laugh and he busts up. If I keep going, he cannot stop. He will laugh till tears are pouring down his cheeks and he says his belly hurts and beg me to stop... just because I am laughing.

I like to think that is love.

Laughter is magic.

I write about paranormal... I live everyday magic.

Adventure planned... Life gets in the way. But it is one hell of a life.

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