Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bridesmaides and Bedposts

So, I never did get to write yesterday. This was due to having, instead, being a bridesmaid. It turns out that although I got up at the very buttcrack of dawn (subjectivly) to primp and put on far more makeup than I would normally consider donning and although one would assume on my day off I would have a higher word count than normal, again, life sometimes gets in the way.
Yesterday, my best friend from highschool tied the proverbial knot. She and I were friends for all of the big milestones. I remember sitting on the floor of her room, Ouiga board between us and asking who we would one day marry (okay, maybe all little girls don't do that, but we were odd.) I remember stealing her sweaters for school or riding my bike to her house (she lived five miles away... so this was an endurance trial and proof of the dedication I had to our friendship.) I remember getting ready for all the dances in her bathroom and room with curling iron and makeup brushes in hand, giggling over music and talking over boys. Then her mom taking pictures of us in the livingroom... and now she was BRIDE. Ah, and we have been through so much in between (we are old ladies, early thirties now) so when her mom took our picture together and we were again all dressed up I almost bawled.

But it was beautiful; she was beautiful. I posted some of my better pictures of her day online. Not a good writing day, but a good living one. At the winery afterward it was one of those "life comes full circle" kind of moments. Here we were, so long and far away from those awkward little girls, and yet in a way, those girls would be part of who we were forever. Those bookish little girls who read too much, loved art and music... one the artist and still is... and one... the writer. Some dreams never die. And some, in the sun on a beautiful August day with the wind blowing and the sun shining, just become a new dream. Some dreams are born. And even an old non-romantic like me can get a little dewy eyed. Maybe there is a happy ending out there for everyone. I am so glad Trish found hers. May they be happy... ever after.

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