Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What I'm Reading...

So as a terrible bibliophile, at any given time I am not only working on my book but plunging into the worlds of other authors in my (snort) spare time. For instance this week at night I reread in three nights (would have been less but I forced myself to go to sleep) Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Other than having the worlds greatest descriptions (who else can describe vamp flesh as the grey of mushrooms at the back of your fridge?) she has the ability to completely stir you (your, ahem, juices so to speak) with mere suggestion. In others of her work, for instance Blue Sword, in a scene with Luthe in one line (and I haven't read that book for YEARS and it still sticks in my head and can give me a bit of a shiver) she suggests all that most novelists do with tons of description in that ONE LINE. And I believe, and I may even be able to quote it exactly. The line is something like, "Then I look forward to no sleep whatsoever." I was left breathless. How she can do that is a marvel to me and why I scoop her off the shelf as soon as she goes to print to this day. She is my number one fave author and it was probably stupid to buy (guiltily admits) ANOTHER copy of Sunshine, but I found it on SALE and picked it up this week because god only knows what I did with my other, hence the reread.
Other than the McKinley, I am listening, on the helacious drive back and forth to work (over 45 min each way) Laurell K. Hamilton's The Harlequin. I have also read everything she has written (okay, lie. Still have not read Strange Candy or that fantasy one. Everything Anita or Merry then) and she is my number two (when did I start numbering?) fave author of all time. So this is another reread (does audio count as reread?). However her world is so lovely and graphic and so not like my world that I cannot resist the occasional visit and twice a year is never enough.
Then we have the at-work book. The at work book is the book that has less attention span, as I read it between calls and on breaks, so I have to be able to drop it mid sentance and pick it back up and still get it. So I am reading Temping Fates. It is a very good book and I am giggling my way through it. Another great at-work read is Stephanie Plum's by Janet Evanovich. I must admit I love Stephanie. I am a hardcore Ranger nut, however. My friend, Chrissy, she goes Joe. Not me. I am all about Ranger. She thinks this is due to marital status and age. I think that its because I make more dangerous and less logical life choices in general. Who knows? Regardless, Ranger, baby, all the way. And who wouldn't love a girl who keeps a cake in her freezer?
Any way, now that I have given some general, what I am reading... what are you reading?

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