Thursday, November 20, 2014

How college killed my #Thanksgiving joy

So, everyone is all, "It is almost Thanksgiving! You know what that means, right?" Uh, sure I do. It means that someone will make a turkey. I will eat the turkey. I will have a turkey coma. Maybe someone will tell me that I didn't burn the pie (which I totally did) and people will give me hugs. No pilgrims will be at any meal I attend and I will have some quality time to fight with my children. Why fight? Uh, toothpaste and hair brushes mostly. Maybe the occasional wail of, "But I hate wearing button down shirts, Mom!"

Still, that's good times and all. But I'm not jumping up and down or anything. So, people mention, when I'm not all rainbows and unicorns, "But it is almost Black Friday! Aren't you excited?"
Well, no, actually. I'm a broke single mother of three kids trying to prepare for Christmas. The fact that I could get a flatscreen for $300? Not thrilling. I don't have $300 to blow on a TV. You do? That's great. I've heard the lines at 4am aren't bad. Have fun with that freezing your behind off standing in those lines and don't drop the TV, ok?

"So, Virg, if you're not excited about Thanksgiving or Black Friday, what ARE you thinking about?"

Uh, this.


  1. Exactly! Finals are almost over. Soon my pretty. soon.

  2. Single mom preparing for Christmas with no money...I feel this like a knife to my gut. I'm with you, sister. Good luck on your finals.