Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NEW RELEASE ~ Magical Curves!!

It is a bit of serendipity that the movie featuring, “Once Upon a Dream” is being advertised on tv right now. Back when I wrote Magical Curves, that song played over and over in my head. Emily, my lost princess, lives a life buried in books and invisible. She only comes to life when her head hits the pillow each night, after all. She knows her prince and has for years.

She met him once upon a dream.
But Magical Curves was more than that for me. Yes, I wanted to tell a fairy tale and have it bump into our contemporary world, but I also wanted a princess like none I’d ever read. Emily isn’t a size two supermodel with perfect hair and the ability to sing and call animals to do her house work. Emily is a size twenty with frizzy curls framing her round face. She wears glasses. She’s not magically transformed before the end of the story, either, so if you’re looking for a princess who is perfect in every way?

Emily probably isn’t for you. 

Daphne, her best friend, she’s all those things. Daphne was likened, by one of my crit partners, to Audrey Hepburn in appearance and I think that is pretty apt. She’s tiny, dark haired…simply lovely.

But, you have to wait for the next book for Daphne’s story.

In the meantime, please help me welcome the first of my Magical trilogy to the world.

Magical Curves
Book 1, Magical Series 
Virginia Nelson

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Emily Flowers dreams of something more.  Living a humble, if solitary, life as the local librarian, she looks forward to laying her head o

n her pillow each night to travel to a magical place where she has adventures with a wizard prince.

Kayden, prince of Zenith, the land of the setting sun, found his soulmate long ago.  Her imagination and spirit has long fed his magic, but the time has come for him to collect his bride.  Can he convince her that some dreams are so powerful, they can become reality so he can finally taste her Magical Curves?

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