Saturday, October 5, 2013

Junking Queen

Coolest guy in the county
I have a deep and abiding love for yard sales. It might even be an addiction. If it is, I don't want cured. Aside from the fact I get to meet some amazing people (Notable today were the woman who volunteered at the church--sweet, grey haired older lady--with the nose piercing and this guy. HOW AWESOME IS HE????), I also tend to either find really amazing deals or at least temporary treasures.

My Full Haul Today:
2 Covington sweaters
The Haul = $20
1 white dress blouse...
1 blue teeshirt
1 solid brass and beveled glass light
1 box of misc legos
3 binders
Stephen King's Misery
4 romantic CDs
2 Old Books (Silas Marner, 1898, Eight Cousins)
1 Blue Glass
1 Pretty Basket
1 Pair Purple Heels

Total spent : $20

I was insanely excited about the old books...The Eight Cousins has a signature page with a message written and autographed by Louisa May Alcott. HOLY CRAAAAAP!! Did I just spend .50 and get an autographed Louisa Freakin May Alcott???

Nope. I don't think I did since this book was printed in 1903 and Alcott died in 1888 (Thanks, Roe!), however the same book seems to be selling for between $60-250 online, so it's still a pretty good buy at fifty cents. Also, adding to the general awesomeness of this find is the front page

AWESOME old books
where it's noted:

To Miss Katharine Gault, July 8, 1913, from your Father, Painesville, Ohio


To Miss Laura Keith, July 30, 1941 from Ant Katherine

Hard to autograph things when you're dead.
I dunno...those inscriptions and the history of others holding them is just...neat.

The other old book was Silas Marner, apparently published in 1898 by Allyn and Bacon. It also has really cool writing in the front. My research on this one tells me it's worth about $8-15...still not a bad buy at fifty cents.

My other great find was a light, solid brass per the sticker still on it, and beveled glass...The owner said she got them out of a mansion in Louisiana and I had to snag it, especially when she quoted $5 for it. She had three others, which I directed a friend to go snag (Helloooo
$5 office find!
Vintage Shopgirl!)

They're apparently considered 'bronze hanging pendant' style lights and, although I've not yet dug up my exact one yet, look like they're worth a couple hundred bucks each. Not a bad $5 find at ALL.

Aside from finding treasures, I got to hang out with Ma, who is always a joy, and Jfab and eat seafood on the breakwall at Lake Erie while seagulls danced on the breeze around us.

Have any of you gone junking?

Um, do I NEED a caption?

Things I found at yard sales...

Lake Erie Breakwall, aka greatest lunch spot in the county

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