Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feeling Old

By 19, I was married and pregnant. By 20, she was born.
My darling daughter turns sweet sixteen this year...

It feels like just yesterday I turned sixteen. I remember that birthday. I lost my best friend in February of that year. I had the party at my mom's house...and got to go to Space Academy that year. By seventeen, I'd met her father.

By 22, I was divorced and on my own with two wonderful children and not sure how I was going to do it. By 24, I had all of the kids and we were on our own.

The years, they sped by.

Age 1

Age 3
Age 4
Age 16

It went so fast...
So today, this close to her birthday, I'm feeling a little emotional. My baby is growing up so fast. My beautiful little baby, my only daughter, and she's becoming a woman so fast.

Justy, I love you. And to my middle son...who turns 14 this week, happy birthday, my little man of the house. All three of you kids have made this house a home, wherever we were. You've made us a family and I don't know what I would do without any of you. Thanks for making my life so very special and full of laughter and love for these years that slipped by so quickly.

Momma loves you guys.

Okay, off to cry. Happy writing.

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