Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 Dating

I seem to be writing about dating a lot lately. 

I write for the 1Night Stand series--Taking Control (ff) and Dom of the Dead (mf)--run by Madame Eve, this mysterious character who somehow (perhaps magically?) finds the person who is right for you.

I've written for the Aphrodite's Island series--Taming of a Sex God--Miss A runs a tropical resort offering all of your more carnal pleasures satisfaction while dangling the chance at finding a more permanent happily ever after.

I've written a billionaire dating service--My Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire? books starting with Sugar On Top (releasing tomorrow)--where rich men can save time by logging on and finding the woman of their dreams...for a price.

And I've written a story about a blind date which I'm not telling you about just yet.

The point of all this? We're living in a free agency (as my prof calls it) world of dating. Gone are the matchmakers, the arranged marriages, and any other semblance of someone wiser who will step in and tell you who might be a good love for you. Dating sites? Yeah, I've joined a few and they're daunting! How am I supposed to tell from a profile picture (which may or may not have been taken in this decade) and a few sentences whether or not a person is what I'm looking for?

How am I supposed to guess if they're a creepy brain eating freak or just a nice guy...or, worse, a douchenozzle?

You can't know. You have to jump off this metaphorical cliff and hope for the best.

Yeah, I suck at that. (Beeteedubs? If you're pulling up dating sites in hopes of finding won't. And if you do, I never answer because of above reasons so it's a bit of a waste of time to bother.)

But my prof also mentioned that we're fascinated, as a society, by The One. That love that will overcome all hurdles, sweep you off your feet and ride off with you into the sunset where you will make passionate clapping noises and all in all be happy...

When there are 57,000 (or about that) possible The One type folks out there (assuming the population to be 6,973,738,433) and yet we pin all our hopes on a small geographic area...

And your One might be on the next coast. Or in Kentucky. Or in Ireland. Or all of the above...

I think that's why I like to write the dating thing going well...maybe it's the same little bit of hope that I keep about my own ability to bring light and good to the world around me. Maybe that dewy, sunshiney Virg believes that you can find one of your The One people and settle down for forty or so years and swing together on a porch with a big lazy dog snoring at your feet.

I don't know. But, hey, they're fun to write.

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